29-12-2020, 10:11
Azeris have begun to privatize Artsakh's Armenian cultural heritage.

Azeris are already singing the song "Sari aghjik" in Ghazanchetsots Church in Shushi.

Let us remind you that it is an Armenian song with a national melodic structure, which the Azerbaijanis are also trying to privatize, like Shushi.
29-12-2020, 10:00
Karen Vrtanesyan writes on his Facebook page ․ "When I say that Nicole is the acting leader of the enemy country, many people think that it is an artistic-political exaggeration.
But many are wrong. Clearly logical, we can say scientific, it is formulated.

Did Nikol confess that by oral agreement he handed over the positions and roads of Syunik (including the main Armenia-Iran interstate road) to the Azerbaijanis?
29-12-2020, 09:45
Lena Nazaryan և a group of people performed ...
Lena Nazaryan and a group of people committed a crime

As we know, the Council of the National Assembly recently convened a session and made a decision to apply to the RA Constitutional Court to terminate the powers of the PAP faction leader Gagik Tsarukyan. Homeland Party board member Arsen Babayan wrote about this on his Facebook page.

He, in particular, said: "In those days, the acting Speaker of the National Assembly was NA Deputy Speaker Lena Nazaryan, who also signed and sent the decision to the Constitutional Court. It turns out that Lena Nazaryan, with the help of a group of people, falsified the decision and sent that falsified decision to the Constitutional Court. Such an act is envisaged by Article 314 of the RA Criminal Code and envisages up to three years of imprisonment.

Thus, on November 25, 2020, the decision of the National Assembly No. AJKHO-65-A on November 24, 2020 was published on the website of the RA National Assembly, in the 2nd point of which it is written, "This decision enters into force from the moment of publication."

It turns out that the decision AKHKHO-65-A entered into force on November 25, 2020.
29-12-2020, 09:35
My brother is a prisoner, and do not dare to say that he ...
Erato's husband, my brother is a prisoner, and do not you dare say that his return is hindered by some people's thoughts. Former NA Deputy Speaker Arpine Hovhannisyan wrote about this on her Facebook page.

He, in particular, noted. "At least for personal reasons, I would shut the mouth of anyone who would prevent you or someone else from returning those children. But I declare with all responsibility that there is an obstacle to their return and that is you and your being a Turkish slave. Your Nazarenes and other insane people can not be affected by whispering lies in the ears of us and many families like us.

Why did you "forget" to mention the date of the return of the captives in that disgraceful document? Why don't you mention the number of missing, victims and captives? Why sell hope when you know exactly who is alive and who is not? Why do you hang your head and say what Aliyev said, and he does not return it to our children? He continues to take Armenians captive and kill them.

Answer: because the Turk does not put anything in front of him on his knees. And he does what he wants. You will give the harshest answer for deceiving people like this.
29-12-2020, 09:16
Yes, we made friends with Arthur Vanetsyan. Chairman of the BDK
Yes, we made friends with Arthur Vanetsyan, that company started in 1994, when I was not a judge, he was a student, he was not a NSS employee. BDK Chairman Ruben Vardazaryan stated this today, December 29, during a meeting with journalists.
29-12-2020, 09:16
In the picture, in a green uniform, he is the newly appointed head of the PPP. The name is Sargis, the last name is I think, Yahya-zade. The camera records that he kicks a citizen who commits a peaceful disobedience against his bosses serving the interests of the enemy with his foot (perhaps his most intellectual organ).
The video is below. 13th second.
29-12-2020, 09:01
According to the former member of the "My Step" faction ...
Our statehood has found itself in the throes of a severe defeat "through the hammer of a deep domestic political crisis." Gor Gorgyan, a former member of the "My Step" faction, stated about this in the parliament. "The situation is really fatal, and the threat to the state is growing.

It is very sad to hear about the situation created by the announcement of the cessation of the war on November 9, some politicians are quite primitive and superficially assess the reality of "we have lost this war."

Gentlemen, this is not just a defeat, this is a national catastrophe and tragedy with all its consequences, which does not have and will not have a long history, and will not be forgiven by future generations. "

"Under the rhetoric of those present, the glorious victory of at least two generations, the Artsakh war, was wasted by sacrificing thousands of martyrs and the homeland.

"It is unfortunate not to understand this, or not to record it maliciously, to put it mildly," he said.
29-12-2020, 08:59
"My wounded soldiers are waiting for me, I must go" ․ The Khachatryan family from Artsakh gave the homeland to their most precious two sons
On October 27, senior sergeant Artak Khachatryan, who fought to the last and saved the lives of hundreds of boys, died for the defense of the homeland. Unfortunately, Artak's loss was not the only one for the family, the family also lost Artak's younger brother Armen, exactly 20 days apart. Two brothers left to defend the homeland, alas, they did not return.

Artak has been very interested in anatomy, biology and chemistry since his school years. After graduating from the 11th grade of the school, he entered the military medical faculty of Stepanakert Kamalyan Medical College ․ "Artak had many successes in the field of education, both the teaching staff and the administration were delighted with his abilities. After graduating from college, he served in the RA Armed Forces, "Ruzanna Melkumyan, Artak's fiancé, told LURER.com.
29-12-2020, 08:37
As it is known, there is no clarification on the terms of the exchange of prisoners in the disgraceful capitulation document of November 9. Nikol Pashinyan was not concerned about human lives from the beginning, otherwise the most important issue of that agreement should have been the clarity of the issue of saving the living. However, this did not prevent the country's number one traitor from manipulating the issue of landlords and turning everything around for the opposition. About two months have passed since the ceasefire, but in terms of missing persons and prisoners of war, it can be said that the cart is not moving. Azerbaijan is probably in no hurry to return our boys to us, on the contrary, last week they took more than 150 new prisoners from the communities of Hin Tagher and Khtsaberd. What is the Armenian government doing in this direction, which publishes numbers, and no active steps are being taken? So far, 44 prisoners of war have returned to Armenia. According to our information, Azerbaijan has transferred them to Armenia at the urging of the Russian leader, and Robert Kocharyan has been discussing the issue with Vladimir Putin.
29-12-2020, 08:33
Albert Hovhannisyan, the father of Albert Hovhannisyan, who died in the Artsakh war, wrote on his Facebook page. "My hero son, this is how I would like to give you my years of life and today you would live under our feet, like many others, so that longing and sorrow would not cover us. We missed you Alberts. "