16-04-2021, 19:41
Musician Yurik Karapetyan has died.

Sona Shahgeldyan wrote about Yurik's untimely death.

"A thousand pities, I do not believe."

Hayko from Spitak referred to the news of the musician's death.

"The sound of the thunderbolt filled my mouth with a big thump."
16-04-2021, 19:07
The Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister Arsen Torosyan wrote on his Facebook page.

"The news spread on some websites that an incident took place with the participation of the relatives of my missing soldiers is completely false.

I urge you to refrain from spreading falsifications invented by faceless and worthless sources. ”

It should be noted that information was spread in the press that an incident had taken place with the participation of Arsen Torosyan's relatives of the missing soldiers, during which the latter had beaten Arsen Torosyan in the government building.
16-04-2021, 18:57
"On April 14 in the RA NA Nikol Pashinyan announced ․ "In 2017, Azerbaijan had three satellites, one of which was intelligence, which it had bought. "Yes, Azerbaijan was buying a reconnaissance satellite, and the Armenian authorities were buying land in the Greek islands, in Europe, wherever possible."

In fact, Armenia started the satellite program in 2012, in that sense, a lot of work has been done with Canadian, Russian and Chinese companies. There are facts, photos և publications ․ you just have to have the desire and the ability to read. I will refer to them in detail.

To the question of MP Ani Samsonyan in the National Assembly why Nikol Pashinyan considered the program of having his own satellite unserious as Prime Minister, Pashinyan said from the tribune on April 14 that such a thing had not happened.

I, Nairi Hokhikyan, announce that in 2019 Talking to me on the second floor of the Levon Kalantar State Drama Theater in Gavar on May 11, 2010, Nikol Pashinyan personally told me that we did not need a satellite. To my assertion that Azerbaijan has two satellites, which it uses for military purposes, և we must have our own satellite the day before, Pashinyan said literally the following: Azerbaijani satellites are a toy.
16-04-2021, 18:29
Today the journalists asked the Deputy Minister of Defense Arman Sargsyan whether he was aware that the boys who had returned from captivity were being sent to the army again.

The deputy minister did not answer the question, closing the door instead and staying with Andranik Kocharyan.
16-04-2021, 18:17
The parents of the missing soldiers beat Arsen Torosyan in the government building for his impudent behavior. Mediaport Telegram channel writes about this.

"The incident took place a few days ago, when after the protest near the Ministry of Defense building stopped, the parents of the missing and captive soldiers visited the government to meet with Nikol Pashinyan.

According to a Mediaport source, Torosyan behaved rudely, his parents' nerves gave way. The incident took place in front of Nikol Pashinyan's eyes. "

"Arsen Torosyan was abducted from angry parents by Pashinyan's assistant Nairi Sargsyan and several other employees," the channel writes.
16-04-2021, 17:46
After the recent visit of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko to Baku, the discussions on the possible membership of Azerbaijan in the Eurasian Economic Union became active again. "Undoubtedly, in the near future we will see deeper cooperation between Azerbaijan and the Customs Union, the Eurasian Economic Union," said Andrei Savinikh, head of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.
During the talks with the President of Belarus in Baku a few days ago, Ilham Ali expressed hope that Minsk, as an ally of the Armenians and Azeris, could play a serious role in the restoration of the territories passed to Azerbaijan and the reconciliation of Armenians and Azeris.

By the way, after his visit to Baku, Lukashenko first had a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin. .

The Russian press wrote that reconciliation between Armenians and Azeris will be easier to achieve within the framework of the Eurasian Economic Union. Gazeta.ru published an extensive article on this today, in particular, entitled "Mini-USSR enlargement, Azerbaijan can become an observer in the EEU." Russian periodical writes ․ "Azerbaijan can start the process of integration with the EEU countries, including Armenia, through the mediation of Belarus. "Initially, official Baku could get observer status, like, for example, Moldova, experts say."
16-04-2021, 17:44
The agency warns that if the illegal migrants do not leave the country voluntarily, they will be deported.

YEREVAN, April 16 - Sputnik. About 60 thousand illegal immigrants from Armenia must leave Russia. The Russian Interior Ministry has demanded that the CIS states allow illegal citizens staying in Russia to leave the country by June 15. Such a statement was made at the sitting of the CIS Interparliamentary Assembly by the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexander Gorovo.

According to the Russian Interior Ministry, there are currently more than 332 thousand illegal migrants from Uzbekistan, 247 thousand from Tajikistan, 152 thousand from Ukraine, 120 thousand from Azerbaijan, 115 thousand from Kyrgyzstan, 61 thousand from Armenia, 56 thousand from Moldova and 49 thousand. From Kazakhstan.
16-04-2021, 15:45
The names of another 193 killed servicemen, the Defense Army has already published 3029 names. Petrosyan Hovsep Karbis, born 2000 David Robert Vardanyan, born 2001 Nanyan Kamo Mkhitar, born 2002 Tilikyan Harutyun Davti, born 1998 Gharibyan Samvel Varazdat, born 2000 Sargsyan Varuzhan G., born 2000 Karen Armen Simonyan, born 2000 Reserve soldier Sahakyan Tigran Vyacheslav, born 1990 Reserve Harutyunyan Davit Vladimir, born 1982 Reserve Grigoryan Gagik Vladimiryan, born 1969 Reservist Avagyan Aram Gabrieli, born 1994 Reserve Grigoryan Andranik Felix, born 1996 Reserve Tadjosyan Hayk Kamo, born 1973 Reserve Grigoryan Eric Sergey, born 1983 Reserve Gapoyan Garik Rubeni, born 1989 Reserve Grigoryan Boris Ruben, born 1972 Davtyan Movses Seyrani, born 1991 Narek Argam Yeritsyan, born 2002 Isunts Gorg Rafik, born 2000 Arthur Karen Avanesyan, born 1998 Antonyan Arman Margar, born 2000 Reserve Edigaryan Hovhannes Ashot, born 1974 Volunteer Yeghiazaryan Paylak Zaven, born 1995 Isakhanov Ashur Richard, born 2001 Volunteer Israeli Elvis Ashot, born 1988 Reserve Khanumyan Tigran Valeri, born 1972 Reservist Andranik Davit Hakobyan, born 1996 Harutyunyan Mnatsakan Martin, born 1995 Hovakimyan Garik Hakoby, born 2000 Volunteer Hakobyan Samvel Zhora, born 1971 Volunteer Munchyan Ashot Arakeli, born 1951 Chakhalyan Garegin Garush, born 2001 Janikyan Arshavir Khachik, born 2002 Reservist Avagyan Aram Gabrieli, born 1994 Reserve Gorgyan Robert Hambardzum, born 1982 Melkonyan Karapet Misak, born 1997 Reservist Muradyan San Boris, born 1983 Grigoryan Grigor Avetik, born 2002 Reserve Petrosyan Hrant Arsen, born 1992 Mikaelyan Valeri Armeni, born 1991 Balayan Nelson Eduardi, born 1980 Melkumyan Andrey Andrey, born 1993 Mher Vesmir Mkrtchyan, born 1976 Abrahamyan Harut Ernik, born 1989 Babayan Armen Rodik, born 1974 Aghabekyan Roman Nelson, born 1998 Gorgyan Gorg Valentin, born 1990 Babayan Vrezh Lavrik, born 1987 Grigoryan Sasun Spartak, born 1998 Ruben Arturi Arstamyan, born 1990 Sarpen Samvel Gasparyan, born 2001 Gharibyan Mher Aram, born 1990 Balayan Vilen Sargis, born 2000 Babayan Andranik Hovik, born 2002 Davtyan Arayik Samvel, born 2001 Aren Samvel Sargsyan, born 2001 Sergey Sahakyan Sergey, born 2000 Edik Sergey Baghryan, born 2000 Aghababyan Arman Samvel, born 2001 Galstyan Aram Hrayr, born 2001 Mangasaryan Hayk Arthur, born 2000 Simonyan Miasnik Hrachik, born 1989 Saribek Valeri Altunyan, born 2001 Hurumyan Arayik Mikael, born 1990 Khachatryan Arman Vagifi, born 1989 Muradyan Sergey Roma, born 1991 Martirosyan Szak Eduard, born 1990 Genkady Benjamin Askaryan, born 1984 Aghajanyan Arthur Arsen, born 1992 David Genadi Harutyunyan, born 2001 Aghajanyan Armen Shahnazar, born 1977 Alexanyan Sasun Ivani, born 1992 Asryan Karen Murad, born 1982 Arkady Pavel Baghdasaryan, born 1995 Beglaryan Mkhitar Arvit, born 1990 Poghosyan Vardges Vasili, born 1998 Baghdasaryan Zaven Ernik, born 2000 Musayelyan Arsen Serzhik, born 1979 Ghukasyan Hakob Borik, born 2000 Khachatryan Harut Ararat, born 1998 Sargsyan Aramayis Spartak, born 1996 Sergey Ashot Hayrapetyan, born 2001 Yesayan Armen Borik, born 1977 Baghdasaryan Artashes Ashot, born 2000 Allahverdyan Gagik Loni, born 1976 Hambardzumyan Davit Mkhitar, born 1998 Martirosyan Meruzhan Roma, born 1987 Abrahamyan Ashot Vazgen, born 1985 Sargsyan Masis Arkady, born 1981 Mirzoyan Artak Yura, born 2001 Vitaly Vachik Balasyan, born 1979 Reservist Dadayan Arayik Vasili, born 1982 Reservist Mkhitar Pavel Avagimyan, born 1973 Reserve Sargsyan Zakar Aram, born 1996 Reservist Mher Razmik Musayelyan, born 1977 Reserve Matևosyan Narek Abrik, born 1998 Reserve Harutyunyan Anatoly Robert, born 1976 Reserve Petrosyan Nelson Arthur, born 2000 Reserve Sargsyan Narek Rudik, born 1995 Reserve Martirosyan Martin Serzhik, born 1978 Reserve Arthur Robert Baghiryan, born 1984 Reserve Asribabayan David Valerik, born 1982 Reserve Harutyunyan Kamo Karen, born 1999 Reserve Grigoryan Norayr Chervon, born 1974 Reserve Arstamyan Varuzhan Vazgen, born 1974 Reserve Harutyunyan Ashot Nikolay, born 1982 Reserve Babayan Igor Zorik, born 1973 Reserve Sargsyan Vladimir Kamo, born 2000 Reserve Asryan Mher Roma, born 1984 Reserve Ishkhanyan Artak Grigori, born 1993 Reserve Dadamyan Arsen Eric, born 1981 Reserve Gasparyan Grisha Samvel, born 1998 Reserve Javadyan Hrant Gastello, born 1996 Reserve Gharibyan Ernest Arshak, born 1963 Reserve Hakobyan
16-04-2021, 15:36
On November 24, videos with the participation of Armenian captives were spread on Azerbaijani social networks, including 18-year-old Erik Mkhitaryan, a resident of Katnajur village, Lori region. Eric enlisted in the Army on July 8, 2020.

During the war unleashed by Azerbaijan, he took part in hostilities in Jabrayil (Jrakan), Ara Ler and Hadrut, last contacted his family on October 8 from Hadrut.

It became known from the video that appeared on social networks on November 24 that the boy had been taken prisoner. The family members applied to the Armenian office of the Red Cross, the Human Rights Defender, all possible structures and persons dealing with the issue with the demand and expectation of the boy's return. Despite the fact that videos of the boy's capture were published by the Azerbaijani side, the Red Cross inquiries were not answered in the affirmative, he said, adding that the boy was not confirmed by the Azerbaijani side.
16-04-2021, 13:41
"The children were taken to Hadrut, the weapons were not enough, they did not reach for help, the children were bleeding." The family lost two sons in the war