6-04-2020, 10:19
In Artsakh, a soldier wounded by the enemy's shots was taken from Stepanakert to Yerevan's Central Military Hospital.

YEREVAN, April 6 - Sputnik. A soldier wounded by enemy shots in Artsakh in 2000 Arayik Shakhpazyan, born in 1959, is a resident of Vanadzor community of Lori region. The information was provided to Sputnik Armenia by Vanadzor Mayor Mamikon Aslanyan.

"Arayik was injured in the chest, but, fortunately, the bullet passed by the lung and the boy's life is not in danger now. He received a passer-by's gunshot wound, "the mayor said.
6-04-2020, 09:59
Some of those gathered are registering to board the Moscow-Yerevan flight, while others are waiting for the opportunity to buy a ticket for the next flight.

YEREVAN, April 6 - Sputnik ․ Hundreds of Armenian citizens gathered again at Moscow's Domodedovo airport today. Some of them have come to register the Yerevan flight, others are trying to find out from the embassy representatives how they can leave for their homeland. User Mariam Hovsepyan, who is also at the airport, wrote about it on her Facebook page.
6-04-2020, 09:54
The leaders of Armenia and Russia discussed the measures taken to counteract the spread of coronavirus.

YEREVAN, April 6 - Sputnik ․ Russian President Vladimir Putin and Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan had a telephone conversation to discuss issues related to bilateral cooperation in the fight against coronavirus. The Kremlin press service reports.

"During the telephone conversation, the measures taken to counteract the spread of coronavirus were discussed. Pashinyan expressed his gratitude to the Russian side for supporting Armenia in the fight against the coronavirus, "the statement reads.
6-04-2020, 09:38
A 34-year-old man accused of causing mental and physical suffering to his mistress has been found guilty, but has been released on parole.

Pastinfo earlier reported that a 34-year-old man, under the influence of alcohol, went to beat his mistress's house and tried to strangle her. Then he turned on the gas stove in the kitchen, heated the kitchen knife on it and put the hot knife on the mistress's index finger and burned it. Then he took the fork, put the sharp end in the middle of the woman's wrist, and threatened to put the fork in his hand if he pulled his hand. Thus, holding the mistress's hand on the table, she burned the wrists and fingers of her right and left hands. It turns out that the man did not like the fact that his girlfriend has a social page and wanted to end his relationship with him.
6-04-2020, 09:32
On April 5, the Media Defender Initiative monitored the emergency room's work with the media.

According to Facebook users and news outlets, the activity of Johnny Bridge, a user recently known on the Internet, is directed by the authorities to divert the public's attention from health, aviation and economic issues, which are regularly raised. In recent days, with quarantine, people are constantly raising the issue of inflation and civil aviation.
6-04-2020, 09:15
29 out of 430 employees of Gyumri Medical Center are currently isolated in one of the hotels in Gyumri due to contact with a coronavirus patient. Isolated patients with deteriorating health, fever, and other symptoms associated with whooping cough. According to the director of Gyumri Medical Center Armen Isahakyan, as soon as the 14 days of isolation are over, they will do a test, and if someone does not have a coronavirus, everyone will return to their normal work.

How did the person with the virus get into the multi-profile hospital, when it was officially announced that people with such problems would be admitted to the Gyumri Infectious Diseases Hospital, and the treatment would be carried out in Yerevan? "The man, born in 1952, a resident of Maralik, had a fever, pneumonia and went to Gyumri Infectious Diseases Hospital.
6-04-2020, 09:04
Singer Lilit Hovhannisyan posted a new photo on her social network pages and announced that she could not return to Armenia.

 "When I return to Armenia, I already dream. "I came to Brazil from Australia for my concert and I have to stay here indefinitely, because the flights have been canceled for a long time," he wrote, using the hashtag "I want a house."
6-04-2020, 08:52
In most countries of the world, a common policy against the epidemic is being pursued. The steps taken by the authorities fit into the same logic: "lockdown", isolation, restrictions on communication and movement, mobilization and testing of the healthcare system.

With the completion of these steps, it becomes possible to curb the scale of the epidemic and have a manageable situation.

But the failure of any of the important links in this chain can significantly reduce efficiency and make other efforts useless. Different states can fail in different circles.
6-04-2020, 08:37
According to SHAMSHYAN.com, on April 3, Sargis Vardanyan, the son of "Chvchikv Aro" rich in criminal history, nicknamed "Sakulik", who was sentenced to 6 years and 6 months in prison in Yerevan, was released from the "Nubarashen" penitentiary institution of the RA Ministry of Justice. to be involved in a fatal car accident in the center.

Two officers of the 1st officer battalion of the traffic police, who were in the service, died as a result of the car accident.
6-04-2020, 08:33
The 68-year-old man who died of coronavirus at night, who was a resident of Maralik, had recently received treatment at the Gyumri Infectious Diseases Hospital.

The head of the enlarged community of Ani Artak Ghorgyan told Tert.am about this.

She mentioned that the man's contact was narrow, he lived with his wife in the family, the latter also did not work and had no information about her husband's contacts.