6-04-2020, 15:26
As a result of large-scale investigative and other judicial actions carried out by the Kotayk Regional Investigation Department of the RA Investigation Committee, a number of circumstances, motives and identity of the person who committed the crime in Hrazdan were found out. A 41-year-old man, a longtime acquaintance and relative of the victim, is a citizen of the Republic of Armenia.

As reported by the Information and Public Relations Department of the RA Investigative Committee, the preliminary investigation provided factual information that on December 18, 2019, at around 10:30 pm, a 41-year-old man had dinner at his neighbor's house and drank alcohol. with him, after which they quarreled and hit each other during a domestic dispute. Azeri then punched him in the face with a fist, knocked him to the ground, and then, intentionally killing him illegally, continued punching him in the head and other parts of his body, killing him.
Based on the combination of sufficient evidence obtained, the person who allegedly committed the crime was charged with Part 1 of Article 104 (murder) of the RA Criminal Code.

The investigation is over, and the criminal case has been sent to court with an indictment.
6-04-2020, 15:14
As part of the fight against coronavirus, preventive measures are being taken in police departments. Deputy Chief of Police Hayk Mhryan said this during the April 6 press conference.

"At the moment we have 6 policemen infected with the coronavirus, 11 policemen have been isolated," Mhryan said.
6-04-2020, 13:02
The beneficiaries of the 6th event aimed at neutralizing the economic consequences of the coronavirus are the individuals who in 2020. From January 1 to March 13, 2020, they were employed in the private sector and were fired in 2020. The period from March 13 to March 30, 2012, the Government informs.

The assistance will be provided in a lump sum with a minimum monthly salary of 68,000 drams.

Those who have an average monthly salary of more than 500,000 drams for the last two months, have other jobs, are sole proprietors or beneficiaries of the fourth event (shorturl.at/eCV47), which is a sole proprietor or a coronavirus economic entity, cannot benefit from the assistance.
6-04-2020, 12:58
Deputy Prime Minister Hayk Mhryan is holding a press conference at the Government Press Center. The speaker presents the actions of the RA Police to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Mhryan said that six policemen were infected with coronavirus.
6-04-2020, 12:55
Today, RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan had a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to a press release on the official website of the Prime Minister of Armenia, the two leaders discussed issues related to the supply of natural gas to Armenia.

The message particularly says: "The parties discussed issues related to the supply of natural gas to Armenia. Information was exchanged on the steps taken to combat the Covid-19 epidemic. It was noted that the situation in both countries is completely under control.

Prime Minister Pashinyan thanked the Russian side for the steps taken by Armenia to ensure the smooth implementation of cargo transportation from Russia to Russia and for effective cooperation with Rospotrebnadzor.

The parties supported the idea of ​​convening a special session of the Eurasian Supreme Council via video conference. The interlocutors called for the establishment of permanent contacts both bilaterally and within the framework of the EEU. "

In fact, the Armenian side emphasized the whole content of the conversation on the discussions on the supply of natural gas to Armenia, while the Russian side presented this conversation with a different emphasis. It is noteworthy that according to the official website of the Russian presidential press service, kremlin.ru, the leaders of the two countries discussed the steps taken to counteract the spread of coronavirus infection. There is not even a word about cargo transportation and Armenian gas.
6-04-2020, 12:51
The RA Minister of Health informs about patients with coronavirus.

YEREVAN, April 6 - Sputnik. Eight of the citizens infected with coronavirus are in extremely serious condition. The information is provided by the RA Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan.

"146 of the citizens infected with coronavirus have pneumonia, and 35 people are in serious condition and need oxygen, which they receive," the minister said live on Facebook.
6-04-2020, 12:41
The Red Wings Yerevan-Moscow flight headed to Yerevan. 220 Armenian citizens in Moscow, who are mainly transit passengers, will arrive in Moscow on a flight and arrived in Moscow a few days ago from other Russian cities. They will be quarantined for 14 days.

Arriving at Domodedovo Airport today, Armenian Ambassador to Russia Vardan Toghanyan contacted the gathered citizens and assured them that those who could not appear on this flight will be accommodated in hotels until the issue of their return is resolved.

Embassy staff brought food and supplies to the citizens gathered at the airport.

Earlier it was reported that the Russian air border is closed for all types of flights, but the Armenian Embassy in Russia has received permission from the Russian Aviation Regulatory Authority to launch a special flight to Yerevan. The flight will also transport the necessary medical supplies provided to the embassy by our compatriots living in Russia.

Negotiations on the next Yerevan-Moscow flight are underway and it is possible that flights to Yerevan will be resumed.
6-04-2020, 12:35
A Facebook user named Johnny Bridge, whose name is Msto, has removed all videos from previous live broadcasts after yesterday's revelation that he was instructed by phone to do live broadcasts.

Only the videos posted by other users are left on his Facebook page.

It should be noted that Johnny Brjoni became famous through his live dance broadcasts. It was watched live by more than ten thousand users, including officials and public figures.
6-04-2020, 12:28
The person holding the post of the Prime Minister of Armenia will answer "the questions he has liked very much" in the evening. Of course, this is ridiculous, especially in the current state of emergency, but in order to imagine the whole luxury and misery of the situation, you have to understand the whole picture.

First of all, about the so-called "likes" and the questions they received

There are 13,500 questions on Nikol Pashinyan's page, 90% of which are real problems raised by different citizens, from not having a living, to utilities and loans, to the problem of being able to stay abroad for a while, which thousands of families have faced.

But as expected, Nicole will not answer these questions, as they did not get much likes. Instead, Nicole will answer questions asked by her own fake factories.

Nicole will answer today:

1. To the question of Los Kiso, who is terribly concerned about the postponement of court hearings in the Republic of Armenia and the "vetting" of judges. This Kisson, a US citizen, did not return to Armenia for the past two years, although his dream government has been established. The question has 2200 Likes.

2. To the question of the former deputy head of Kepkov Alkash, to whom he does not give rest, that Serzh is not put to death. The question has 1200 Likes.

3. To the question of Taron Chakhoyan, a ten-year-old of Faiker SNCO, who tried to distort the complex in Armenia in the context of the global crisis. The question has 2800 Likes.

4. To the question of another idiot living in Russia, called Hayk Toroyan. This "Diaspora Armenian" is terribly concerned about the confiscation of the property of his predecessors, he is suffering because they are not in a hurry. This idiot, who dedicates himself to Nicole with differentiations, has not returned like Los Kiso to feel the joy of managing the power of his dreams on his own skin. The question has 1100 Likes.

5. According to her standards, Nicole must answer the question of a caring husband, how could they remove the shell of his wife, who is unable to go to the hairdresser's these days and has eaten her life. The question has 3300 Likes.
6-04-2020, 12:19
Former designer Hermes fashion house Leyla Manshari has died at the age of 93 in France. This was reported by the French Le Figaro, citing the press service of the fashion house.

According to the newspaper, he was infected with coronavirus.

Menshari joined the Hermes team in 1961 and worked there until 2013.