6-04-2020, 19:15
The couple lived together for 51 years and died of a new coronavirus infection six minutes apart. Their son, Buddy Baker, said in a Twitter post.

According to Baker, his 74-year-old father, Stewart, and his 72-year-old mother, Adrian, died of coronavirus complications on March 29.

"We live in a world where everyone says, 'It won't affect me, it won't happen in my family.' I now say that the coronavirus has reached us. I think it's time to realize that all this is serious. Maybe the tragedy in our family will make people think and make the right decision, "he said.

Speaking to ABC News, Baker said his parents were hospitalized on March 19. The doctor examined the couple and diagnosed them with pneumonia. Stewart was hospitalized with asthma and his wife was sent home for self-medication. Stewart was tested for COVID-19, and the result was positive. Later, due to complications, he was taken to the intensive care unit.
6-04-2020, 18:56
During today's Facebook question and answer session, the RA Prime Minister answered several questions about punishing the representatives of the former government and returning the looted.

"I do not want to violate anyone's presumption of innocence, but I want to say that the most important obstacle to calling corruption perpetrators to justice today is the existence of an effective judicial system." In particular, Pashinyan responded to the question when Serzh Sargsyan will answer for all his actions.

"By increasing the efficiency of this system step by step, we must solve the issue of responsibility of all the people who, according to the law, have acted in accordance with justice and fairness, in connection with which they must be held accountable. You know my assessments, I have given them, including in the recent past, but I do not want to make an expression now that can be interpreted against the interests of justice in the future, "Pashinyan said.

Referring to the investigation of corruption cases in general, the Prime Minister said that he was not satisfied with the process.

"We have tried to find out the reasons, and now the process is underway, where there are objective reasons, where there are subjective reasons that these cases are not proceeding effectively. My colleagues know that if the efficiency does not increase, we must make other decisions, "Pashinyan said.

To the question how long the Armenian people will have to wait for the return of the property of the former corrupt robbers and the robbery of billions of dollars, Pashinyan answered.

"It's not just the money that has been confiscated and confiscated. The problem is that since 2018, Armenia's budget revenues have increased by $ 1 billion 100 million. This is in line with my pre-revolutionary promise that budget revenues should increase by 30-35% in the first 1-2 years. Now we have an indicator that they have increased by 40-45 percent. Where did that money come from? It is the fight against the shadow economy, the fight against monopolies, the fight against corruption, as a result of which the money has been returned to the state budget. There is also money returned from criminal cases, of which I am not satisfied, but 40 billion drams have been returned at the moment. And the initiated criminal cases refer to the abuses of 190 billion drams. But that's not all. The fight against corruption in Armenia will continue and we will do everything to increase its effectiveness. ”
6-04-2020, 18:54
Farmer Tigran Yeghoyan applied to hayeli.am. The farmer warns about the paralyzed state of agriculture in the country due to the state of emergency caused by the coronavirus.

- It is stated with all responsibility that today agriculture is in a paralyzed state, it was done on purpose. I regret to state that the program of the Government of Armenia, by which they want to lend agriculture, is exclusively a bluff.
Continuing his speech, the farmer presented the incident that happened to him the other day.
6-04-2020, 18:39
I want to hint at something new that is actually a secret. RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated this today, April 6, while answering citizens' questions.

"A few days ago, a sample of the products of the Armenian military-industrial complex was shown to me, the existence of which proves that the military-industrial complex in Armenia is reaching a new level. The most important feature of this model is not only that it is a state-of-the-art product, but also that it has been assembled in Armenia from scratch.
6-04-2020, 18:18
The April War Commission set a task to listen to Yuri Khachaturov. I am aware that Serzh Sargsyan has been invited to the commission of inquiry to answer questions. RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced this live on Facebook.

"I think when Serzh Sargsyan and Yuri Khachaturov appear, it will be the culmination of the commission's work. But I also want to say that the commission has studied about 25 thousand documents and done a lot of work.

Now the work of the commission has been extended until June, I hope that before that the commission will be able to make a conclusion, "he said.
6-04-2020, 18:11
Another lost instrument joins Pashinyan's lost "magic wand" and "tweezers" lost to coronavirus

The world continues the war against the coronavirus, the number of patients found in Armenia will soon exceed 1000, we have 8 deaths, and the Armenian apocalyptic government remains loyal to the coronavirus whose dog is ignorant, trying to divert the public from the existing threats. At a time when the whole of humanity was shaking from the storm of the coronavirus, Nikol Pashinyan was organizing rallies, saying that he would pull grain by pint and rent the coronavirus with homemade vodka. The fate of Pashinyan's lost magic wand was also the pinnacle of the fight against the coronavirus. Today, the NA Commission of Inquiry into the so-called April events, which has been squandering the state budget for about a year, has already been attached to the boss's live shows.

The facts about the indisputable victory of the Armenian people in the film are a cold shower for all those who tried to spread anti-state myths that the April 2016 war was the defeat of our people.

Trying to hide its failure at this stage, the current regime has announced the terms of inviting the hero of Artsakh, the 3rd President of the Republic of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan to the above-mentioned commission.
6-04-2020, 18:04
The reference provided by the employer by Paragraph N 34 was amended.

The Armenian Joint Information Center informs about this.

The new version will come into force on April 8, 2020, at 11:59 p.m.
6-04-2020, 17:59
Maya Poghosyan and Avetis Khakhamyan are divorced. Maya changed her marital status on Facebook, noting that she is in a free relationship.

In a conversation with nyut365.ru, Maya told us to apply to Avetis for clarification on their divorce.

In her turn, Avetis mentioned that she and Maya are divorced, but Maya has always talked about personal life issues, and now it is preferable for her to speak.
6-04-2020, 17:53
Aries. A difficult day is expected. Some past problems will remind you of yourself, you will have to go back to the unpleasant issues that you considered solved long ago. Disputes with relatives are possible. You will find it difficult to assert your point of view, you will lose self-control. It is very important to keep calm and not turn a simple discussion into an argument.

Feeling a little worse. Because of health problems, you may have to reconsider some plans. It is possible to delay monetary issues, but you will not have serious financial problems.

Taurus. You will make a number of important decisions today. You have a clear idea of ​​how to act, and it is almost impossible to distract you. You will easily find common ground with people with whom you have previously had disagreements. No significant positive changes are expected in the relationship, but there will be no disputes or conflicts.

It's a wonderful day to interact with the opposite sex, love dates will go well. Taurus lovers can spend a lot of time with their loved ones and get positive energy.

Twins: The first half of the day will not be so successful. During this time many people will need your attention, while you will prefer to focus on your own affairs, which will not work. Financial problems are possible. Friends demand much more and your opportunities sometimes do not forgive their wishes. You will not be able to manage your money properly today. And you will not have time to think about reducing costs.

Be careful when dealing with members of the opposite sex. You are very sincere and you can easily trust people, opponents can easily mislead you.

Cancer. You will have to deviate from the plans, but in general, everything will be fine. Don't be afraid of improvisations, they are in your favor today. Your purposefulness will amaze many and help attract the attention of those who are interested in you.

Feeling a little worse. Chronic diseases will increase. Pay attention to your health, save yourself. Health and cosmetic procedures will be very appropriate.
6-04-2020, 17:51
RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan answers the questions of the citizens live on his Facebook page. One of the citizens asked when Serzh Sargsyan will be held accountable for all his actions, the actions of which you are most aware. In response, the Prime Minister said ․

  "I do not want to violate anyone's presumption of innocence, but I want to say that the most important obstacle to calling corruption to account today is the existence of an effective judicial system.