6-04-2020, 20:32
The singer also touched upon his schedule in the current emergency situation. Aram is concerned not about the current passivity, but about the possible developments that follow ․

"It was not easy to adapt to this schedule, but a person is able to adapt to everything in his own way. I am afraid of the opposite effect. When this is over and the person returns from this passivity, problems may arise. You replace your activity with family, which is not a bad alternative for a person, and this is the reason why you do not take it hard. Naturally, many projects have been canceled and postponed. But we try not to focus on the negative.
6-04-2020, 20:23
Arsen Torosyan writes to me that the doctors were able to bring the 32-year-old patient, who is in an extremely serious condition, to a better condition, and that someone who had been given artificial respiration is now in a better condition. Prime Minister Pashinyan said this during a live Facebook broadcast.

"If this dynamic is maintained, that is, we have a decrease, we hope that from Monday we can go on the path of certain mitigation. We still hope that it will be so. But everything will be clearer tomorrow - the next day, "said Nikol Pashinyan.
6-04-2020, 20:13
Only RA citizens in Russia, who will be immediately transferred to hotels, can return to Armenia with the mentioned flight.

The second charter flight from Moscow's Domodedovo airport to Yerevan (WZ4323) will be carried out by Red Vings Airlines on April 7 (15:40). The information is provided by the Armenian Embassy in Russia.

Only Armenian citizens in Russia can return to Armenia on this flight.

"Relevant tickets for the flight will be available from the box office N94 of Domodedovo International Airport in Moscow (April 7, starting at 09:30). If you have any questions about air tickets, please contact Moscow at the following phone number: + 7-925-009-92-08, + 7-926-618-29-18, "the statement reads.
The Embassy reminds that the RA citizens who returned to Armenia on the above-mentioned flight will be subject to a 14-day mandatory quarantine regime. that is, the latter will be transferred from the airport to a special place for quarantine.

It should be reminded that on April 3, it became known that several dozen Armenian citizens remained at Domodedovo airport due to the cancellation of the Moscow-Yerevan flight.

Today, 222 of them have returned to their homeland and moved to Yerevan and Tsakhkadzor hotels.

Earlier, the Armenian Embassy in Russia reported that the number of citizens registered to come to Armenia from Russia exceeds 2,000.
6-04-2020, 20:07
The Armenian government has approved a plan to provide one-time financial assistance to a pregnant woman facing social problems in the labor market as a result of the coronavirus. We learn about this from the government's official website. We present the order.

"1) In this way, the relations related to the appointment and payment of one-time financial assistance to a pregnant woman facing social problems as a result of difficulties in the labor market as a result of the spread of coronavirus are regulated.

2) One-time financial assistance is granted to a woman registered with medical organizations, who has reached the 12th week of pregnancy as of March 30, 2020, if the Pregnant is not a salaried employee or sole proprietor as of that day, and her husband has been dismissed from work by 2020. from March 13 to 30 and did not move to another job. The pregnant woman is not a salaried employee or sole proprietor and does not have a husband (divorced or deceased).

3) A person may not use this program if he / she is a beneficiary of other measures to regulate the socio-economic situation conditioned by the coronavirus initiated by the Government of the Republic of Armenia. A person cannot use it even if the 34th week of pregnancy is over by March 30.

4) The amount of one-time financial assistance is 100 thousand drams.

5) One-time financial assistance is appointed and paid by the Social Security Service of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the Republic of Armenia on the basis of data received from the Ministries of Health and Justice.

6) The Ministry of Health shall provide the Social Security Service with the name, surname, patronymic, serial number and number of the identity document, public service number, and availability of at least 12 weeks, but not more than 34 weeks of pregnancy as of March 30, 2020. In this case, also the phone number and e-mail address.
6-04-2020, 19:53
Armen Minasyan wrote on his Facebook page.

During his long (and boring) live, Mr. Pashinyan spoke about the disaster that plagued aviation. He said that yes, our airlines have been banned. The Prime Minister also said that Europe has come a long way and has already made the decision scheduled for May, and the ban is another fact.

Regarding the reasons, the Prime Minister said two things: the former ones are to blame, and the saboteurs, who did not report the problems to Tatik Razazyan as necessary; In other words, they hid it. Yes, he said that they are manipulating the topic and "the speculators are manipulating in vain."


As it turns out, the reality is still hidden from you and from us, from the society. And the reality is that in November 2019, a meeting took place in Brussels, in which Tatik Razazyan was to take part in "Taron Avia". However, he left for Brussels and reported that "Taron Air" did not come because he had deprived them of their license to operate a plane. (In other words, they knew the problem well in the PKK, they just tried to solve the problem in a beautiful way, there is no "Taron Air", there is no problem with the formula.) It did not work.

One month later, on December 9, they received a yellow card. Additional research was to be conducted in February. On February 1, the structure headed by Tatik Gharazyan, not learning the lessons from the first omission, deprived another airline operating in Africa, "Mars Air", of the license of the aircraft operator. But as we understand, in this case I didn't work and we received a red card.

I was not present at the discussions, but I suppose the Europeans will say, dear people, the problem is not working in Africa, the problem is that you are not able to control the safety of the planes in your airline's fleet, you have no ability. So, dear Prime Minister, I have been told the wrong things in front of my eyes, and it would be right to look for saboteurs in a little higher echelons.
6-04-2020, 19:44
At the Petrovsko-Razumovskaya station, the passenger of the Moscow metro, looking at the phone, walked and fell on the rails. Fortunately, the train driver managed to brake in time.

The incident was filmed by a surveillance camera. The footage shows the woman walking without taking her eyes off the phone. He was so carried away that he did not notice the edge of the platform and fell on the rails.

Several passengers rushed to help him and lifted him off the rails. The woman's condition is unknown.
6-04-2020, 19:39
A person with coronavirus studies the extent to which the virus loses its sense of smell and taste by eating raw onions and hot English mustard.
6-04-2020, 19:37
More than 400 citizens have been released from solitary confinement on suspicion of coronavirus infection, according to the Armenian Joint Information Center.

It should be reminded that as of April 5, 11 more cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed in Armenia, and the total number of confirmed cases was 833.

As of April 5, the number of people treated for coronavirus was 62, the number of those actually treated was 763, the number of negative tests was 4096, and the number of deaths was 8.
6-04-2020, 19:25
The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson has been admitted to the intensive care unit.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson, who was diagnosed with coronavirus, was hospitalized more than a week after being diagnosed with the disease.

According to the Prime Minister's Office, he was hospitalized because 10 days after the diagnosis, he still has symptoms of coronavirus.
6-04-2020, 19:21
In Russia, a treatment system has been developed for patients with severe pneumonia caused by coronavirus, in whom the disease is accompanied by respiratory failure. This was reported by RIA Novosti, citing the Russian Federal Medical and Biological Agency.

It is stated that the treatment is based on the use of "Dalargin" (Dalargin). Clinical trials begin. The drug is registered in Russia as a means of treating trophic ulcers and protecting the tissues of organs (lungs, liver, pancreas).

Animal experiments have shown that the use of this drug has increased the survival rate by 70-100%, depending on the drug injection system.

6343 people have been infected with the coronavirus in Russia, 406 of whom have recovered and 47 have died.