6-04-2020, 23:44
Nobody expected 2020 to be like this. People are encouraged to stay home. All theaters, cinemas, gyms and museums are closed. Hospitals all over the world are crowded ...

The first major epidemic of the 21st century seems to have endangered the world, as we know it. And only doctors are fearlessly on the road to disaster.
6-04-2020, 23:38
Yes, many countries like Armenia, in the true sense of the word, are simply shutting down, shutting down air traffic, blocking borders, blocking public transport, banning businesses, and not allowing people to leave their homes unnecessarily. But there are exceptions in the world. I told one of them, Sweden, last week. Now I want to talk about Holland.

What will be the outcome of the Swedish epidemic experiment?
The Netherlands is a unique country in general. Of course, there are many countries in the world whose capital is not the largest city in terms of population. Take even New York and Washington in the United States or Sydney and Canberra in Australia.
6-04-2020, 23:15
Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has said that with the quarantine regime created by the new type of coronavirus, people can return to normal life only if there is a vaccine against coronavirus and its full availability, writes scmp.com.

The coronavirus vaccine is not expected to be available until next year.

"Developed countries like the United States will sooner or later be able to defeat the virus, but it must be overcome globally," Gates said in an interview with Fox News on Sunday.
6-04-2020, 23:14
The representatives of this sign are considered to be the biggest money winners. Throughout their lives, they are accompanied by a monetary aura. If they set up their own business, everything will be successful. Even shopping in the store brings them income. Bulls are often found at fairs. If they take a loan, they repay the loan earlier than planned.

Representatives of this sign are very ambitious and determined. Everything in their life is clear and understandable. They set incredible goals and achieve success. Lions are rarely disappointed. The most important thing for lions is high status and high incomes. They achieve many things in their lives.

The representatives of this sign are very attractive, they have a number of unique abilities. Added to all this is the sense of humor of Sagittarius and his ability to read to others. They are old businessmen and never betray their business. Representatives of this sign do not need to work hard, and the gifts come to them on their own.
6-04-2020, 23:06
According to the official information published on the website of the RA Government
The parties discussed issues related to the supply of natural gas to Armenia. Information was exchanged on the steps taken to combat the Covid-19 epidemic. It was noted that the situation in both countries is completely under control.

Prime Minister Pashinyan thanked Russia for the steps taken by Armenia to ensure the smooth implementation of cargo transportation from Russia to Russia and for effective cooperation with the Rospotrebnadzor. The interlocutors called for the establishment of permanent contacts both bilaterally and within the framework of the EEU.
6-04-2020, 22:52
Against the background of the daily growth of the cases confirmed by the coronavirus, the contradiction of this schedule is noticeable with the naked eye. What calculation should have been made to achieve such a sharp decline? Comparing the figures in the schedule published by Arsen Torosyan with the real data of the confirmed cases, it turned out that the following formula was used in Torosyan's schedule.

Presenting the figures obtained as a result of using this formula as a downward trend not only does not reflect the real picture, but also misleads the public, describing growth as declining.
6-04-2020, 22:38
Due to COVID-19, it seems that the previous problems have been forgotten, which in fact have not disappeared anywhere.

For example, climate change, which does not end there. Nobody knows how all this will end and what the climate will be like in a few years, but some things can be modeled.
6-04-2020, 22:30
During his long (and boring) live, Mr. Pashinyan spoke about the disaster that plagued aviation. He said that yes, our airlines have been banned. The Prime Minister also said that Europe has come a long way and has already made the decision scheduled for May, and the ban is another fact.

Regarding the reasons, the Prime Minister said two things: the former ones are to blame, and the saboteurs, who did not report the problems to Tatik Razazyan as necessary; In other words, they hid it.
6-04-2020, 22:05
The elderly couple, who have lived together for 65 years, have been discharged from a Madrid clinic after both were able to recover from COVID-19, writes Pais.

Jose Prieto Serrudo and Guadalupe Matas Hernandez were married in 1955 and have seven daughters.

Jose felt bad on March 4. He had a severe cough and when he went to the doctor, he was prescribed antibiotics and sent home.

On March 8, the whole family celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary. The next day, Jose had a high fever and a severe headache. He goes to a Madrid hospital, and a coronavirus test shows a positive result.

A few days later, the woman was hospitalized with similar symptoms. Although, as a rule, patients should be in separate wards, the couple is allowed to be together.
Even when Guadalupe recovered and could be discharged, she refused, declaring that she would not leave without her husband.
6-04-2020, 22:05
RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, while answering the question of one of the citizens live, suddenly looked at the phone, interrupted his speech and shook his clothes and said: "What did they paint and send me? Isn't that something?"

After that, the Prime Minister continued his speech, which referred to the scientific potential of Armenia.

After answering the question, he started shaking his clothes again and said: "Yeah, well, that's another thread."