17-04-2021, 13:38
Pashinyan visited Vayots Dzor region today within the framework of a regular regional tour. We had written that they kept secret from the regional administration in which communities the prime minister would be, and his spokesman did not respond to the calls. Hraparak writes about this.

"We were informed that Pashinyan was mainly in Zaritap, which includes 9 villages. Pashinyan was not in Yeghegnadzor or Vayk.

"According to our source, Pashinyan was warned that there are many people who are against him in other parts of the region, so you should not visit the regional center to avoid undesirable situations," the media outlet writes.
17-04-2021, 11:10
Former Minister of Defense Seyran Ohanyan: "Andranik Kocharyan talks about my wife's clothes… Let her say which dress she likes, give it to her, wear it and look around."
17-04-2021, 11:01
An emergency situation took place in Yerevan a while ago. At around 11:15, the Erebuni Police Department received an alarm that shots were heard in front of Artsakh 8/16.

As photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan reports from the scene, the operative group of the Erebuni police department headed by the head of the department Grisha Amirkhanyan, the deputy head of the department Vahram Khachatryan and the head of the criminal investigation department Ashot Ananyan arrived at the scene.

More info: shamshyan.com
17-04-2021, 10:50
The two-day working visit of President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko to Azerbaijan to Ilham Heydarovich, of course, once again proved that for Armenia, Belarus, despite being a formal ally in the EEU and the CSTO, in fact can not only be an ally, but even It can be considered a friendly country with strict reservations.

The reason is that the President of Belarus clearly shows that the relations between Belarus and Azerbaijan are very warm and it is not conditioned only by the fact that Lukashenko himself is on the list of people who can pinch the butt of the First Lady of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva. The problem here is that Azerbaijan is a purchasing power, has energy resources, as they say, "oil-flavored caviar" and is able to "solve all the problems" with oil and caviar, typical of Eastern hypocrisy.

De Lukashenko is not indebted either, and besides squeezing Mehriban's back, he also lavishes retaliatory flattery on Ilham Heydarovich. To put it mildly, nothing has changed for "Batka" in this respect from the time of Serzh Sargsyan to the time of Nikol Pashinyan.
17-04-2021, 06:19
"Hraparak" newspaper writes. "The government has to correct the consequences of its illiteracy. "My Step" MP Heriknaz Tigranyan has presented a draft of amendments, by which he proposes to "edit" the law "On Holidays and Remembrance Days". In 2019, the parliament decided to mark the last Saturday of April as Citizen's Day.

This year it coincides with April 24, the Day of Remembrance of the Genocide victims, which was not on the mind of anyone in power at that time. The law only stated that in case May 1 coincides with Saturday, Citizen's Day is celebrated on the last Sunday of April, ie April 25.

Tigranyan now suggests that in case of any holiday or remembrance day, Citizen's Day should be celebrated on the Sunday following Saturday. As for the festive events, according to our government sources, no program has been developed so far, and this day may not be celebrated as a holiday this year.
17-04-2021, 04:57
Let Andranik Kocharyan say which dress of my wife ...
On October 3-6, I told Nikol Pashinyan about the issue of mobilization in Arayik Harutyunyan's office ․ "This is your question, go, do it, win, if you want to take me after that, put me in jail for 20 years." He did nothing. He ruled the country before, during, and after the war on horseback and on foot. Former Minister of Defense Seyran Ohanyan told NEWS.am that we talked to him about Pashinyan's other statements related to him the day before.

Yesterday Pashinyan reminded about an operation and spoke about the son of one of the generals. Arrows pointed at you. Regarding Shushi, Pashinyan said that he has many questions. Have you or your son ever been called in for questioning to find out the truth from you?

None of the authorities tried to find out anything from me. I think they have nothing to find out, because they have completely controlled and controlled the hostilities. I just said in my interviews that if a commission of inquiry is set up, I am ready to give information, because I have been there for 40 out of 44 days. I can do analysis և provide information.
17-04-2021, 04:45
Onik Gasparyan, you are entering a field where Pashinyan proposes "fights without rules" to your moral, legal, maybe political game
April 17
Onik Gasparyan, you are entering a field where Pashinyan proposes "battles without rules" to your moral, legal, perhaps political game.
I understand, you have no chance to win like this.
I hope you do not just imitate the struggle, do not give up, it will not give you anything.
When I say victory, I do not mean the return to your position, especially the political fight.
The final destruction of the army, the officer, the military, the finally created one must be prevented, even if the probability is 0.1%.
17-04-2021, 04:41
Serzh Sargsyan attends premiere of "Government" film (Video)
April 17
Today, on April 16, the most discussed film of the recent period, director Mher Mkrtchyan's "Power", went on the big screens. The premiere of the film began with a minute of silence in memory of the immortal heroes of the war.
16-04-2021, 21:32
RA President Armen Sargsyan sent a letter of condolences on the death of Vardan Gregoryan.

"I received very sad news. Died one of the brightest figures of modern American thought և of the Armenian world: devoted to education and culture, President of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, co-founder of the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative, former President of the New York Public Library, Brown University's first foreign president My old friend Vardan Gregoryan.

Vardan Gregorian, who a few days ago, on his birthday, April 8, was handed a passport certifying Armenian citizenship, was devoted to his nation, a true patron of strengthening Homeland-Diaspora ties, as evidenced by his pro-Armenian public activities. During our personal meetings and conversations, during numerous events in the Diaspora, I have personally had the opportunity to see for myself.

I send my sincere condolences to Vardan Gregoryan's family, relatives and friends, I share their grief. "
16-04-2021, 19:53
"If you were not NA Deputy Speaker, would you work in your mother-in-law's newspaper?" 1000 + 1 questions to Alen Simonyan