29-12-2020, 17:44
Azerbaijani media published brutal videos of the murder of 6 Armenian servicemen in the Martuni region of Artsakh. The date of filming is December 27.

According to the publication, the video is new, because the Azeri soldier who is watching it says that the revenge of Elmir Hambarov, who was killed by saboteurs on the same day, has been solved.

We do not republish the video because it contains too much terrifying footage.
29-12-2020, 17:35
A car of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces exploded ․ There are victims and wounded
29-12-2020, 17:23
When the snare fell, he threw me, I already felt that I had no defects. What does the volunteer say (video) | People
29-12-2020, 16:52
ANC activist Vardan Harutyunyan writes on his Facebook page.

"I will not celebrate the New Year"
One of the bloodiest Armenian battles took place in a place called "Yerevan City". There were all of them, drunk Persians, frightened Indians, Vaspurakans, Yervandunis, the whole Mamikonyan tribe, except Samvel. Five minutes later, Samvel came with his magnificent iron rod, Bentley J. Dressed in a white shirt, a white T-shirt protruding from under a red sweater, the back of the sweater tucked into his pants, a prison smile on his face entered the war)))

Plates for loyal customers were cut in the dishes section. It was a war… .. someone was shouting, "I'm getting a present for my granddaughter, give me at least six." Barely escaping from the lavash department, I ran home.
It is a war, Artsrun will say in the evening that the positions were left with a tactical retreat, and there are still two days until the end of the war))
29-12-2020, 14:18
The meeting could not last long, because my position is the same, what I say publicly, I say the same to the Prime Minister, he needs his resignation to get the country out of this situation, that is the only way out. The leader of the "Prosperous Armenia" party Gagik Tsarukyan said this in a conversation with journalists, referring to the meeting with Nikol Pashinyan in the National Assembly.

As for the parliamentary elections, Tsarukyan mentioned that in that case an acting minister should be appointed, when it is acceptable, they will negotiate on other issues.
"My position has not changed, he wanted to meet, I did not refuse, I met," said Tsarukyan, adding that he told Pashinyan that the only way out was to resign as soon as possible.

Gagik Tsarukyan did not answer other journalists' questions.
29-12-2020, 13:33
Azeris did not allow Armenian cars to pass through Goris-Kapan road. Video
29-12-2020, 13:31
Residents of Shurnukh community of Syunik region have closed the Armenia-Iran road at the moment. The head of Shurnukh administrative district Hakob Arshakyan said this in a conversation with ArmDaily.am.

"The Turk came here today and mocked the Russian general in a high mood, saying that 10 days had been given, why the houses were not vacated, tomorrow is the last day. "11 houses must be liberated and handed over to the enemy," Arshakyan said.

Arshakyan mentioned that the highway was closed in order to understand who had reached an agreement for a 10-day period. "No one informed us that there was such an agreement."

He mentioned that at the moment the deputy governor of Syunik is on the spot, there are representatives from the Ministry of Territorial Administration.
29-12-2020, 12:25
Electricity for about 90% of resident subscribers ...
The RA Public Services Regulatory Commission set the tariffs for electricity sold to consumers by "Electric Networks of Armenia" CJSC, which will be effective from February 1, 2021. Thus:

Tariffs for socially vulnerable families with ական monthly consumption of up to 400 kWh (about 90% of resident subscribers) will remain unchanged.
and for other consumers will increase by 3 AMD / kWh (including VAT), including:
For residents consuming 0.38 kV and consuming more than 400 kWh per month, և 0.38 kV / day tariff will be valid for other consumers: 47.98 AMD / kWh, night tariff - 37.98 AMD / kWh.
For consumers fed with 6 (10) kV voltage, the daily tariff is 44.98 AMD / kWh, the night tariff is 34.98 AMD / kWh.
For consumers fed with 35 kV voltage, the daily tariff is 38.98 AMD / kWh, the night tariff is 34.98 AMD / kWh.
For consumers fed with 110 kV voltage, the daily tariff is 36.98 AMD / kWh, the night tariff is 32.98 AMD / kWh.
RA Public Services Regulatory Commission
29-12-2020, 11:56
Yes, it was a mourning procession. Alen Simonyan stated in a conversation with journalists, answering the question, was what happened in Yerablur a mourning procession for him?

"I cried there, I cried myself, the prime minister cried," he said.

To the question of whom he was constantly greeting with his hand, Simonyan mentioned, people were greeting, and he was answering. "Do you mean that people do not greet each other on the day of mourning?"

Simonyan noted that he greeted not in Yerablur, but on the way when they were greeted from the buildings.

It should be reminded that during the visit to Yerablur, a clash took place between Nikol Pashinyan's supporters and the citizens there, including freedom fighters and relatives of the victims.

The latter tried to prevent Pashinyan from entering Yerablur.

In the videos spread on the Internet, he saw Nikol Pashinyan's supporters shouting "Nikol, Prime Minister", as if forgetting that they were in Yerablur and participating in a mourning procession.
29-12-2020, 11:51
VIDEO. The motorcade of Azerbaijanis passes through the Red Market