23-04-2021, 08:46
A video was spread on the Internet, next to which it was mentioned that a ribbon with the words "Alen 41" was hung near the house of NA Deputy Speaker Alen Simonyan.

Responding to that, Alen Simonyan wrote on his Facebook page ․ "Hanging such a poster near my house is another manifestation of your immorality. And let them not dare to say that it was done to others in the past, whether I had anything to do with it or not. You will tell those false tales to 4th grade children. And in general, your collective activity, where you try with your short mind to copy what happened during the revolution with your horse, only harms you. You can just sit back and wait for how you hurt yourself. Continue to spread hatred, hang ribbons, go to people's houses, swear, shoot scenes, block roads. All this is very attractive for people, they will definitely support and join your struggle for that kind of Armenia. I will not write a book about you one day, "100 steps on how to quickly defeat the opposition struggle." Peace to all. Armenia has a future! ”
23-04-2021, 08:39
From being vaccinated with AstraZeneca in Great Britain ...
168 Britons developed thrombosis after being vaccinated with a vaccine developed by the Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. 21.2 million people in the UK have been vaccinated with the first dose, Izvestia reports.

Thirty-two people in the United Kingdom have died of a blood clot. That figure is 10 times higher than a week ago. At the same time, vaccinations with this vaccine continue in the UK.
23-04-2021, 08:13
A film with the text "Alen 41" appeared near Alen Simonyan's house. Video
23-04-2021, 07:55
"Hraparak" newspaper writes. "Back on March 11, the new opposition figure, the leader of the" Third Force "party Artak Tovmasyan (Dvin Artak) literally stated "We will reach the resignation of the government within 44 days."

Tovmasyan's term expires tomorrow, April 24, and the government does not seem to intend to resign before that. And Artak Tovmasyan himself has already appeared in the pro-government field.
23-04-2021, 07:52
The second president of Armenia reminded of the events that took place 16 years ago.

YEREVAN, April 23 - Sputnik. The second president of Armenia Robert Kocharyan referred to the events of 2005 on his Facebook page, when the then Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan wrote a letter to the President of Armenia.

"In April 2005, Armenia was going to commemorate the victims of the Armenian Genocide with great solemnity within the framework of the 90th anniversary. "In previous years, thanks to the efforts of the Armenian authorities and Armenian diplomacy, the process of genocide recognition has made great progress," Kocharyan said.

According to the second president of Armenia, this could not but disturb neighboring Turkey. The then Prime Minister of Turkey Erdogan had written a letter to RA President Kocharyan.

"Erdogan made a desperate attempt to hand over the issue of the Armenian Genocide to historians, but received a deserved tough response," Kocharyan stressed.

The RA President had mentioned in the answer. "Governments are responsible for the development of bilateral relations. We are not authorized to delegate it to historians, so we again propose to establish normal relations between our two countries without preconditions." There was no response from Erdogan.

According to Kocharyan, it was difficult to respond to the politically literate, substantiated and far-sighted letter.
23-04-2021, 07:22
Some time ago, when various issues related to the snap elections to the National Assembly were discussed during the sitting of the board of the "Civil Contract" party, it was the turn of the next NA Speaker. According to the information of "Zhoghovurd" daily, the dissatisfaction with the NA Speaker Ararat Mirzoyan in the CP is great.

He is considered a passive observer, who is no longer by their side, does not support the team, does not oppose political opponents, but waits, it is not clear why or to whom. Against this background, NA Deputy Speaker Alen Simonyan, according to our information, stated during the discussion of the CP Board that in fact he exercises the powers of NA Speaker in the parliament, neutralizes political opponents, so he should be the next NA Speaker.

RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan did not react in any way, and many people got the impression that Simonyan's words were to the Prime Minister's liking, as Pashinyan has been holding almost all the meetings with Simonyan lately. Ararat Mirzoyan remained uninformed and did not respond to the factual accusations against him.

Details in the newspaper issue.
23-04-2021, 07:18
Video. Ali is now heading to Nakhichevan ...
Agenda ․ Ali now wants to go to Nakhichevan, and Pashinyan offers to wait until the elections. The context of the visit to Syunik

We talked about political issues with political scientist Robert Margaryan.

Details in the video.
23-04-2021, 07:01
Luiza Ghambaryan's mother has died
April 23
Actress Luiza Ghambaryan's mother has passed away. Director, host Suren Shahverdyan announced this on his Facebook page.

"I'm sorry, Louise. Alla Mikhailovna also left. "Patience to you," he wrote.
23-04-2021, 06:46
The courts have recognized many columns as illegal ...
According to the lawyers' Facebook posts, the courts have recognized the arrest of many Syunik residents as illegal.

Lawyer Mikael Shkhmalyan informs

"The COURT has just released my client, Hayk Hayrapetyan, recognizing the latter's arrest as illegal.
My client, being a participant in the third Artsakh war, a real Syunik resident, took his two young sons to war with him.
H. Hayrapetyan is suspected of committing hooliganism in the group (Syunik case).
My other two clients, A. Hayrapetyan and N. Karapetyan
The court hearings are scheduled for tomorrow.
Long live the RA Court !!! "
23-04-2021, 06:42
Arthur Hakobyan, the head of the Jabrayil military unit, has been participating in the war since September 27. He was martyred on October 5, but the body was handed over to his relatives yesterday, on April 21. Today was his funeral.

"On the morning of October 4, we moved from the positions with a task, we were under siege for a whole day. When he found out about that, he was moving towards the military unit in a wheelchair, and at that moment they shot at the car.