18-04-2021, 06:24
A short thunderstorm is expected in the territory of Armenia on April 17, 19, 22, mainly in the afternoon in some regions, on April 18, 20-21 in most regions. Wind south-west, 5-10 m / s, intensification of wind to 15-20 m / s is possible in some regions.

According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the air temperature will gradually rise by 8-10 degrees on April 17-21 due to the penetration of warm air currents from the south.

No precipitation is expected in Yerevan in the afternoon of April 17, at night of April 18, on April 19-22, in the evening of April 18 in some parts of the city it is possible, in the afternoon of April 20-21 a short rain-thunderstorm is expected.
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18-04-2021, 05:58
The American magazine The National Interest published a large-scale article about the "park-museum" opened in Baku on the initiative of Azerbaijani President Ilham Ali. As reported by Armenpress, columnist Michael Rubin compared Ilham Ali with former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, and the "park-museum" opened in Baku with the "Sword of Cadizia" triumphal arch in Baghdad.

"Ali, who has never served in the army, even when his peers fought in the first war in Nagorno-Karabakh, walks in military uniforms, showing Armenian military equipment, wax models of Armenian soldiers. The central element of Baku Park is the arch made of the helmets of killed and captured Armenian soldiers. "The fact that Azerbaijan continues to illegally detain prisoners of war and abducted civilians, some of whom it could have killed in captivity, underscores the inadequacy of the demonstration."

The journalist reminded the reader how the "Qadisiyah Sword" triumphal arch was built in Baghdad, which symbolized the victory of Saddam Hussein in Iraq in the Iran-Iraq war. The triumphal arch was made of steel obtained from the helmets and weapons of the slain Iranian soldiers. Rubin notes that Hussein's speech at the time was little different from Ali's speech.
18-04-2021, 05:35
Ameriabank denies. The chairman of the bank's board was not arrested
April 18
Ameriabank denies the information that Andrey Mkrtchyan, the chairman of the bank's board, was recently arrested, and told ArmDay.am that the information published by the telegram channel does not correspond to reality.
17-04-2021, 20:45
The former commander of the Artsakh Defense Army Samvel Babayan referred to the so-called "Lele-Tepe failed operation" on Public TV and stated that there was no "Lele-Tepe operation" as such, it was a "Kyand-Horadis operation". "I proposed the idea of ​​the operation, in what condition? On the 5th or 6th of the month, when one part of the enemy is already at the mouth of Jabrail, the other part takes the villages of Hadrut, and the third part goes to Khoda Afar. Mr. Pashinyan connects with Onik Gasparyan that the generals here say such a thing. He says that, thing, I intervene, I say, listen, if you can organize a defense in that area, stop the enemy, do not do it, but if that does not happen, then our only step remains that step. The man says, it does not happen, we do not have the resources to stop the enemy in those 3 directions, that is, it stays in Horadis, Lele-Tepe is 9-10 km away from there, such a straight road goes down from Horadis to the river, 12 km. If we can not close these 12 kilometers, then how do we create 100 km of defense?
17-04-2021, 19:22
"None of your authorities helped me find my brother's body, on the contrary, they prevented it. You have nothing to do with my brother's grave, this is my brother's grave, I have the right to it, I will not let you. "
During the visit of the traitor to Vayots Dzor region today, the relative of the victim did not allow it to approach the grave.
That part was edited and removed from Nikol's videos.
Isn't that right, people don't even want to share their grief with you? It is better to die.
17-04-2021, 19:06
"You have nothing to do with my brother's grave, I have the right to do so, I will not allow you." Relative of victim in Vayots Dzor did not allow Pashinyan to approach the grave (video)
17-04-2021, 18:53
"Moscow" cinema was not so crowded after the war. On April 16, the most discussed film of recent times, director Mher Mkrtchyan's "Power", went on the big screen. The composer of the film is Araksya Musheghyan, the director of photography is Ruben Gasparyan, the second cameraman is Areg Hakobyan.

The premiere of the film began with a minute of silence in memory of the Armenians who died in the war.

"Government" is a political drama. It completed the last three years of our history, from April 2018 to the 44-day war.
17-04-2021, 18:17
"Calling our army" army "is a bit exaggerated. was not ready for anything. " Samvel Babayan (video)
17-04-2021, 18:04
Today, there is not at least one university in Armenia that has a building that meets modern university standards. Nikol Pashinyan stated this at the meeting with the residents of Getap community of Vayots Dzor region.

"Most of our universities do not have sports infrastructure, there is no need to talk about university sports," Pashinyan said.
He also referred to the sphere of military service, noting that the service should be made attractive.

"We must make the service attractive, change the system of term military service in general, reduce the term. "There is an idea that there should be a 3-month service every 5 years, so that young people have the minimum combat skills," Pashinyan said
17-04-2021, 17:38
Famous Armenian showman, producer Garik Martirosyan referred to the military air park opened in Baku, sending an open letter to Ali, which reads: Ali, I would have turned to you or you, sir, if it were not for that scary and horrible garden.

Even when you unleashed the war, thousands of both Armenian and Azeri soldiers were killed because of you, I might have addressed you or Mr. at that time, but what happened a few days ago completely overwhelmed you in me, even as bad human perception. Mankind in its history

He did not see such purity, such impudence in him. Well, what did you gain by your inhuman step? Do you think you are the most powerful, do you think you have defeated the Armenians? However, you or your country have not defeated the Armenian nation. Were it not for the great help of a superpower like Turkey, your army would have collapsed, however

Even with the help of Turkish terrorists, you still could not defeat the Armenians, suffering multibillion-dollar military losses and thousands of human aggressors. Ali, where is Stepanakert, do you know as far as I know it is not in Azerbaijan, there are Armenian and Russian troops, but that aside, even if

You completely crushed the Armenians, how could you go to such a state? What do you teach the children of your country? I thought there was nothing worse than war, but how ignorant a person can be, no matter what kind of person you are, you do not even have the right to be called alive. The closest of the animals you are to the squirrel. But know how many bottles

even if there are many, they cannot defeat the lions. You need to be careful. When I looked at those pictures, my body was shaking. Armenians even provided medical assistance to newcomers. Compare yourself to Armenians. I urge everyone to condemn this move. Know that we will bring back everything except the floors very soon.