30-12-2020, 15:58
On December 29, footage was spread on the Azerbaijani Internet, which, according to the Azerbaijani side, shows the bodies of 6 Armenian servicemen killed near the village of Hakaku in the occupied Hadrut region of Artsakh. The Defense Army of the Artsakh Republic reaffirms its earlier statement that neither on December 27, nor in the days preceding, nor in the following days, any unit of the Defense Army was involved in any military operation. They did not fire a single shot. The ceasefire regime has been maintained along the entire length of the line of contact. Moreover, it is obvious that in the case of the presented "battles" Azerbaijan is talking about a village in the depths of the territories controlled by them, far enough from the front line, where the Defense Army soldiers had to cross the front line and fight in the rear of the enemy. The presence of their units of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, as well as the factor of the Russian peacekeeping mission, is simply not possible. No less important is the "coincidence" that yesterday Azerbaijan violated the agreement reached in advance, did not allow search groups to enter the areas where, according to them, the "battles" took place. And this is in the case when the agreement on the work of the search groups in those areas was reached on December 27, that is, according to the Azerbaijani side, on the very day when "battles took place." The combination of the mentioned facts makes it presumable that the actions and statements of the Azerbaijani side are aimed at concealing another war crime, and that is the purpose of refusing to allow the search groups to enter the mentioned territories. Active work is underway to find out the identities of the people depicted in the footage. The Defense Army does not rule out that we are dealing with the brutal murder of Azerbaijani captives earlier. We strongly condemn this policy of the Azerbaijani side, which contradicts the logic of the November 9 trilateral statement. The Artsakh Republic will be consistent in revealing the war crimes committed by Azerbaijan.
30-12-2020, 15:31
Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has announced his intention to discuss security at Azerbaijan's borders with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov, TASS reports.

"We cooperate with Russia in many areas, even if our views differ on some issues. We will also discuss Azerbaijan and Armenia. It is necessary to ensure the security of Azerbaijan's borders within the framework of international law. "In this regard, we are considering the steps that will need to be taken," he said.

Lavrov and Çavuşoլlu will meet on December 29 in Sochi. These days the process of locating the borders is taking place in Syunik, which, according to the Prime Minister, is carried out by verbal agreement. As a result, the roads of Syunik are under Russian-Turkish control, the location is carried out by Russian-Turkish agreements. Armenia is not a participant in it, Armenia's participation is excluded by the logic of those agreements. Both the Russians and the Turks speak openly about that.

One of the so-called security corridors will pass through Syunik. It is supposed that this will be followed by the recognition of the so-called "Azerbaijan" by Armenia. In the future, with the formation of other "security corridors", it is assumed that the turn will reach the borders of Armenia and Turkey, which were decided in 1921. Russian-Turkish agreements, under which Armenia does not have a signature.

March 2021 marks the 100th anniversary of the Moscow Treaty, and Moscow is rushing to Ankara to complete the "demarcation" of its borders amid internal and external uncertainties and possible collapse of the Russian state.

Apparently, Nikol Pashinyan meant this when he said that a new security system is being created in Syunik and Armenia. The post-Soviet period, the Armenian-Russian-CSTO security systems, in which the pathetic Armenian political class was and continues to be parasitized, is coming to an end. In the conditions of a different quality political class, it would have happened in different borders and under different conditions. It is still ahead, but the 30-year-old political lesson with its three presidents and prime minister is now in the past.
30-12-2020, 15:15
About 3000 missing children ... Narek Malyan
30-12-2020, 14:33
URGENT NEWS. Karahunj Gardens and HPP are handed over to Azerbaijan
30-12-2020, 13:58
Artsakh has never been part of Azerbaijan. Robert Kocharyan's tough response to the Azerbaijanis (video)
30-12-2020, 13:20
The captain returned home after the Azeris were declared dead
30-12-2020, 12:37
On the instruction of the RA Prosecutor General, the report was immediately sent to the RA Military Penitentiary General Investigation Department through the RA Military Prosecutor's Office for investigation. On December 21, a criminal case was initiated on the case. During the preliminary investigation, factual data were obtained that in 2020. On October 9, 2012, an order was received from the superior command to transfer the entire staff of the military unit, including the engineering platoon, from the Horadiz region of the Artsakh Republic to the village of Tili. In the administrative territory of Ishkhanadzor village, Deputy Commander of the N military unit of the RA Ministry of Defense for combat training, Lieutenant Colonel A. The RA, noticing that the "Ural" car transporting the squad personnel was standing, and the crew, scattered around it, called the ISV commander, informing him that the march had been stopped, and the crew got out of the vehicle into the air. Due to the sound of the drone being heard, he personally, hearing the sound of the ATS in the air, ordered the crew to sit down in any case և to continue the march, noting that the ATS was not their problem, but the problem of the air defense forces. The platoon commander carried out the order 19 19 servicemen of the military unit got in the car and moved. About 5 minutes later, the ATS hit the above-mentioned car, as a result of which the fire caused the death of 18 servicemen, except for one private, and the mentioned soldier, as well as H in a Nissan car in front of the Ural car. ․ Oh and the head of the engineering service of the military unit received bodily injuries of different degrees. Based on the evidence obtained, 2020 On December 29, the Deputy Commander of the N military unit of the RA Ministry of Defense for combat training, Lieutenant Colonel A. VS was charged with committing a criminal act envisaged by the fourth part of Article 375 of the RA Criminal Code. On the same day, a motion was initiated in the Court of First Instance of Syunik Marz to choose detention as a measure of restraint against the accused, which was upheld. The General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Armenia once again assures that it is taking all the necessary measures in 2020 with all its functions. All the information received on the material criminal manifestations related to the events, hostilities and the causes of their catastrophic consequences during the period from September 27 to November 9, 2013 to ensure the inevitability of criminal liability of individuals.
Necessary information will be regularly provided about the course and results of the examinations, taking into account, of course, the primary interests of the preliminary investigation. Notification. A person suspected or accused of an alleged crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty in accordance with the procedure established by the RA Criminal Procedure Code by a court judgment that has entered into legal force.
30-12-2020, 12:32
Rat ․ The representatives of the zodiac are energy-smart individuals. In the New Year, the Rat will gain self-confidence, fulfill all his dreams. At the beginning of the year he will have to solve his financial problems. Overall, the year will be incredibly successful for Rats. They will have the opportunity to grow their careers and improve their financial situation. Rats are expected to be harmonious in family relationships. Tiger ․ Representatives of the sign in 2021 must be prepared for incredible luck. Business success awaits them. Financial stability is expected for the tiger. To be happy, to be successful, he must be positive, confident in his future. Rooster ․ Representatives of the zodiac can also expect success in 2021. Their lives will be filled with many bright events. Astrologers believe that the Rooster will achieve career growth. The symbol of the year, the bull, will help him with that. The lone rooster will be able to hope for a fateful meeting. Monkey ․ Representatives of this sign will be able to find a promising job in 2021. The monkeys are waiting for their financial situation to improve. The year will be incredibly happy and favorable. Lonely monkeys will meet their love, and family monkeys will strengthen the relationship. Their budget will increase, և they will be able to buy what they have long dreamed of. Snake ․ Successful changes և Getting rid of the regime awaits the representatives of the zodiac in 2021. The snake has a great destiny and great goals. He will plan his future in such a way that he will reap huge benefits from the change. The year of the Taurus will be crucial for the Snake, it will bring him success in many areas of life.
30-12-2020, 11:54
The author of the "WarGonzo" project Semyon Pegov is in Artsakh. He regularly publishes photos and informs about the situation.

Semyon Pegov published another photo from the road leading to Stepanakert. With him in the background is Russian President Vladimir Putin, who was named "Person of the Year" in Armenia in 2020.

From the big photo of the sign, Putin greets the citizens entering Stepanakert.
30-12-2020, 11:45
A military truck belonging to the Azerbaijani Armed Forces exploded on a mine in one of the occupied territories of Artsakh. There are victims and injured as a result of the incident.