Вчера, 18:34
RA President Armen Sargsyan is very concerned about the issues related to demarcation and demarcation, especially the security situation in the border settlements of Syunik region. This was reported by the RA President's Office in response to Pastinfo's question.

Recently, "Fastinfo" addressed a written inquiry to the RA President Armen Sargsyan, asking him to answer several questions related to the RA security issues. We present the questions addressed to the President in response to the answers received from the Public Relations Department of the Office of the President of the Republic.
Вчера, 18:17
While Nikol Pashinyan was slandering the Russian weapon, a group of pro-government musicians started talking about Western values ​​again, and another group joined the process of cursing Russia.

There is an impression that Nicolas' team is trying to ideologically (maybe physically) jump to the West.

The reason is also clear ․ The Nikolai team understands that it is consuming the resources to be useful to Russia and Putin is going to hand them over to the slaughterhouse.

And Nicole thinks that after destroying the country, after so much blood and looting, it is enough to say "West" and curse Russia, and she will be rescued from Washington and Brussels.
Вчера, 18:12
"Whenever the Turk wants, he goes out on the Goris-Vorotan, Goris-Shurnukh road, he does whatever he wants. "They drive freely and there are no obstacles," Deputy Mayor of Goris Menua Hovsepyan told Pastinfo, contradicting the Prime Minister that there is a system of certain security guarantees in Syunik.

Hovsepyan says it is obvious that they have a security problem, as they cannot control the movement of the Azerbaijani side.

True, there have been no incidents yet, but in his opinion, it is temporary. At present, a number of issues are being resolved through the Russians, refraining from direct contacts with the Azerbaijanis. As the deputy mayor mentioned, they negotiate and talk only with the Russian side, trying to unleash the illegal behavior of the enemy through them. To the question whether it works, Hovsepyan answered.

"I will not say that it works 100%. So far, most of it works, but if Iskander does not shoot, it may not work, "Hovsepyan said, mocking Pashinyan.
Вчера, 18:10
According to the news we received, Imkayl MP Hayk Konjoryan is very angry.

According to our source, the people of Nikolai started to look at the deputy.

The point is that MP Konjoryan has recently started criticizing Arayik Harutyunyan, former Minister of Education and Science, advisor to the current Prime Minister, but the people of Imkayl did not like it.
Вчера, 17:58
Nikol Pashinyan's statement during the interview yesterday about the inefficiency of the Russian "Iskander" missile system continues to be discussed in the Russian press.
Pashinyan confirmed that the Iskander was used during the war and stated that "the Iskander fired did not explode or exploded, for example, by 10%."

"It turns out that our weapon is bad. I listened to citizen Pashinyan. I have the impression that this person, who is personally to blame for the terrible misfortune of the Armenian nation, says that everyone is to blame, except himself, the head of the country, the supreme commander-in-chief. "Let him buy the weapon he liked in two years," journalist Vladimir Solovyov told Solovyv LIVE.
His interlocutor Semyon Baghdasarov added that Pashinyan's knowledge about weapons is quite primitive. According to Baghdasarov, these are not Pashinyan's statements, "they tell him what to say, he also says."

"Pashinyan is an agent of a foreign state. "Many people ignored what the second largest US embassy in Armenia was doing in small Armenia," Baghdasarov said. Russia had its positions and could say that it is an ally. According to Baghdasarov, Western or Turkish approaches have long been in other places.
Baghdasarov says that there is also a large British embassy in Armenia, which is always connected with Turkey and their task is to oust Russia from the region, from Armenia.
"If that happens, it will be a geopolitical disaster for the Russian Federation. "There is so much evidence that he (Pashinyan) sold Karabakh, and now he clings to the government in every possible way, including with anti-Russian statements," Baghdasarov said.
Solovyov noted that there is an impression that Armenia, not the people, has come to terms with what happened in Karabakh.
Baghdasarov added that Pashinyan has not finished his work yet and his "owners" demand that he stay, because they know that after Pashinyan will leave, a pro-Russian leader will come and it will turn out that they fought in vain.
"If we want to stay in the South Caucasus, we must increase our influence in Armenia," Baghdasarov said.
Вчера, 17:55
According to NEWS.am, former Defense Ministry spokesman Artsrun Hovhannisyan left for the United States a few days ago. Hovannisian arrived in the United States on a Qatar-Los Angeles flight. According to one of the telegram channels, some of the compatriots on the plane recognized him as disrespectful. According to the website, Hovhannisyan was hosted by his friend, who lives in Glendale, California, Armenia. He had meetings with some American-Armenians who supported the army during the war. Hovhannisyan announced in a friendly circle that he was leaving for the United States for treatment, but according to the news, these days he is having meetings in California to get funding for his new program. Moreover, the presentation of Hovhannisyan's book is planned in Glendale this week.
Вчера, 17:32
On the evening of February 23, the Martuni Police Department received operative information that shots had been fired in the yard of the wedding hall of Tsakkar village. The RA Police informs. "Assuming a worst-case scenario, in order to prevent further possible developments, the operative group of the department went to the scene as soon as possible. It turned out, however, that during the wedding ceremony, at around 5:30 pm, two men, aged 27 և 29, from the village of Vardadzor, fired into the air from shotguns registered in their name. The men, who showed open disrespect to the public, were found and taken to the Martuni Police Department. The weapons were taken and packed. A search of the scene turned up five shotgun shells. A forensic examination has been appointed. The circumstances are being clarified by the investigation, "the statement reads.
Вчера, 16:50
About a month ago in Moscow, I had a difficult, long conversation with the Chief of General Staff of the RA Armed Forces Onik Gasparyan. I can not tell you everything, but if Nicole raised the topic of this unique weapon, I will quote literally what Onik said, and the judgments leave you.

"On the third day of the war, I, as the head of the General Staff, decided to use Iskander against one of the two strategically important facilities, the Baku-Ceyhan oil pipeline. Pashinyan categorically forbade it, although the Russians made it clear that it is your business, it is your war. Three days before the attack on Shushi, I asked Pashinyan for permission to strike with two Iskanders directly at the enormous accumulation of enemy manpower on the outskirts of Shushi. Pashinyan categorically forbade it, saying that the international community would curse us if we killed several thousand enemy soldiers at the same time. The only time I was allowed to use Iskander was in Shushi. I used it. We used it, several tanks were brought into the city. In two days I received an order to leave Shushi and retreat. "

Full article HERE

Nicole, you will not see me for days, I promise you
Вчера, 15:23
The threats were already reaching my wife ․ Gnel Sargsyan, not only about the rumors of drunken broadcasting
Вчера, 15:12
For two days now, information has been circulating that the leader of the "Homeland" party Arthur Vanetsyan and the representative of the ARF Supreme Body Ishkhan Saghatelyan had a very heated argument. The situation was so tense that it turned into a fight. According to the information circulating, Arthur Vanetsyan hit Ishkhan Saghatelyan and the latter now have no contact with each other. It is also mentioned that this is the reason why Arthur Vanetsyan has not participated in the marches organized by the opposition for two days already.

ArmLur.am talked about these issues with the leader of the "Homeland" party Arthur Vanetsyan to find out how true this information is. "Those who spread such information shook their heads, wall to head. Ishkhan Saghatelyan is my friend, there is no disagreement between us at all, except that we are friends, we are also political supporters, we are teammates and it is impossible to make fun of us with such fake news. This is another false rumor spread by the government fake factory, which has nothing to do with reality. "I assure you that no one can make disagreements between us with such false news," Arthur Vanetsyan stated.