18-04-2021, 13:08
5.6 magnitude earthquake
18-04-2021, 12:42
He just looks like a hopeless drug addict. Levon Kocharyan
"He walks around the regions, lies to simple people, promises things knowing full well that they are not possible, consciously plays with people's subtle senses, dares to approach the graves of our boys who died through his own fault," he wrote in the telegram. Levon Kocharyan, the son of the second president of Armenia Robert Kocharyan.
18-04-2021, 12:40
Taxi driver brings home of Robert Karapetyan "Courage" medal of soldier killed in Hadrut
The "Courage" medal of Robert Karapetyan, a soldier killed in Hadrut, was brought home by a taxi driver. Facebook user Hasmik Martirosyan wrote about this today, April 18.

He noted that the victim in Hadrut was his sister.
18-04-2021, 11:47
I suggested the idea of ​​Lele Tepe's operation. Former Secretary of the Artsakh National Security Council Samvel Babayan said this in an interview with Public TV host Petros Ghazaryan.

- Before that operation, that brigade took part in the Talish operation, the idea of ​​which was given by Movses Hakobyan. The numbers are in front of me: 22 tanks left the tank brigade, 6 were hit, they left the Jor rifle brigade, 4-5 vehicles were hit, the road to Talish, Mataghis was confused, we have dozens of wounded and victims. There was no place to find tanks. It happened on October 1-2.

We asked the former head of the military control service of the Ministry of Defense of Armenia, Colonel-General Movses Hakobyan for clarification on the above-mentioned, who only noticed.

- Samvel Babayan is lying.

- Mr. Hakobyan, that is, you did not give the idea of ​​that operation.

- I will give an interview in the near future and will touch upon all the questions.
18-04-2021, 11:32
Journalist Karine Harutyunyan writes on her Facebook page ․

A concert platform is being set up at Tsitsernakaberd. The Prime Minister and his team are completely incapable of properly assessing the situation.
The Genocide Memorial is a place of silence and reflection, not a concert, even if it is a classical repertoire.

Why is the road leading to the memorial so long? That long journey is an opportunity for those who go there to think. And their heart wants a concert, they can not think. These are consumers, not creators. What they create is consumed by and large.
18-04-2021, 11:28
Who is Sophie Doyan's current husband? Video
18-04-2021, 11:27
"In the coming months, about 60,000 Armenian citizens will be returned from Russia. The plans of those who have plans to emigrate also fail, that is, their future prospects become meaningless.

A revolutionary crowd is being formed in the run-up to the elections, and if we add to them about 40,000 "local" people who are ready to achieve political change not through elections but through alternative means, the pre-election and post-election processes will take place not in TV studios and courts. They are unlikely to be peaceful demonstrations.
18-04-2021, 11:15
Moscow hopes that Ankara will heed Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov's call to analyze Kiev's bellicose rhetoric and not to feed the belligerent mood of the Ukrainian authorities, said Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova. :

"During the contacts with the leadership of the Republic of Turkey, we regularly exchange views on all, even very delicate issues of the international and regional agenda. We always emphasize the need to avoid steps, including in the field of military-technical cooperation, which could worsen the situation in Donbas. "We intend to continue the interested professional dialogue with foreign partners, encouraging them not to promote revanchist sentiments in Kiev, but to contribute to the stabilization and improvement of the situation around Ukraine through all available political and diplomatic means," he said.
18-04-2021, 06:48
"Let's not give a pension to the pensioner to be vaccinated. The Prosecutor's Office should have already initiated a case for Andranik Kocharyan's proposal. " Petros Ananikyan
April 18
As of April 17, 870 new cases of coronavirus infection were confirmed in Armenia, the total number of infected people reached 207,973. 24 people died of coronavirus in one day, the number of dead is 3859. On the air of 168 TV's "Review" program, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Petros Ananikyan expressed doubts about these numbers, noting that he has serious concerns about the accuracy of the tests used, the indicators presented, because in many cases, even in the case of ordinary seasonal flu, the test shows gives a positive result.
18-04-2021, 06:26
April 18 horoscope
Aries. You will succeed in cases that require inexhaustible creativity and a creative approach. Monotonous work is not for you, so do not do things that are boring, all the same, they will remain unfinished in the future. Avoid making promises today, as fulfilling them will be much harder than you think.

Many people today will be concerned about personal issues. They will seriously think about what can be changed for the benefit of their loved ones. The decisions made will help to leave a number of problems in the past.

Taurus. From a personal point of view, the day will be successful. It is as if you are reading people's thoughts հասկանում, without unnecessary questions, half a word, you understand them. This applies not only to relatives but also to those you meet for the first time. New acquaintances are possible, which can play a decisive role in your life.