16-04-2021, 11:49
Photos ․ The army of Pashinyan's heart ...
Today the pro-government deputies were talking with animal anger about the looting of the palaces of some imaginary generals, the army. Of course, there were robbers in the army, but this does not mean that the private houses of all the generals were built as a result of the robbery. It is interesting that the authorities who talk about looting and castles forget about the generals who are part of their government, who, having been in the military all their lives, have castles and businesses. They have forgotten, but the society remembers them well.
16-04-2021, 11:28
Read the traitor, it is written about you, and ring your ear, you capitulator ....
First of all, I would like to remind the capitulator that this quatrain published from the tribune of the National Assembly.
"I do not hate you, I feel sorry for you,
This is how smart people feel.
From the gloomy cage of the mentally ill:
To the crazy creature cursing him ․․․ ", it's not yours, you quoted from the work by Ignat Mamyan on the Karabakh conflict.
Let me tell you, today the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan responded to the capitulator in accordance with its style, using one of the Azerbaijani poets in the statement, quoting an excerpt from a poem by Guseyn Javid.
"There will be an unworthy one,
With the desire to tear land from our homeland,
Know that there is not much to wait
That he may bow down before her. "
I also want to quote an excerpt from the poem "Educate the Mind" by the Great Jivani.
Everything is forcing the mind now,
The fool thinks he is wise,
Lean chicken fat, like a big goose
He wants to lay an egg, grow smart.
The wolf in sheep's clothing,
He has become the guardian of the lambs.
The rooster is wearing a preacher's coat
A chair has come out, cultivate your mind.
16-04-2021, 11:24
According to SHAMSHYAN.com, today, on April 16, a tragic incident took place in Kotayk region.
At around 13:40, the Hrazdan Police Department received a call from the Hrazdan Medical Center that a group of doctors on duty had left for the house of a resident of one of the villages of the Kotayk region, where they found the body of a woman.
16-04-2021, 11:03
Shots were heard in Shikahogh. The villagers demand the presence of border guards or permission to carry weapons
Yesterday, shots were heard in the direction of the positions in Shikahogh village of Syunik region. While grazing the animals, the villagers heard voices and then informed the mayor.

In a conversation with LURER.com, the administrative head of the village Nare Ghazaryan said that the spring sowing works have already started, and the villagers continue to work as before ․

"The moods are the same, we continue our work. We have suggested that border guards be sent to our fields, where cultivation is carried out, or that those engaged in such work be allowed to carry weapons. ”

The head has not officially addressed anyone, because he is sure that the representatives of the government know very well about the problem.
16-04-2021, 10:58
According to wargonzo, citing its own sources, 1,000 private houses are planned to be built in Khojaly, near Stepanakert, for the citizens of Artsakh who were left homeless during the Second Karabakh War. We are talking about the residents of Hadrut and Shushi, as well as the residents of the villages that came under the control of Azerbaijan after November 9, 2020. According to the Wargonzo project, the information about the negotiations on the resettlement of Khojaly residents in Shushi is fake. Proyek IT specialists were able to find out that the stuffing was generated by Armenian-language pages in Baku. Moreover, it turned out that one of them was registered directly from the computer of Azerbaijani presidential aide Hikmet Hajiyev. Baku's information attacks not only strike at Armenia's sovereignty, but also try to discredit the Russian peacekeeping mission in Artsakh. Ali's team is openly hostile to the Russian military.
16-04-2021, 10:49
On the occasion of the Police System Day, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan visited the Police, congratulating all the employees on their professional day, as well as paying tribute to the memory of the police officers who sacrificed their lives for the defense of the homeland.
16-04-2021, 10:22
Video. On September 30, Pashinyan wished ...
We talked about domestic and foreign policy issues with international expert, analyst Anna Abrahamyan.

Details in the video ․
16-04-2021, 10:17
The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry responded to Pashinyan with a poetic quote
April 16
None of Pashinyan's statements deserves a meaningful comment. According to haqqin.az, this is stated in the statement of the press service of the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry.

The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry noted that addressing the Armenian parliament on April 14, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan tried to attract attention with another delusional outburst.

"None of Pashinyan's statements deserves a meaningful comment. There is a wish to simply explain to Prime Minister Pashinyan, who did not draw conclusions from the heavy defeat, in the language of poetry, to which he addressed himself. As Hussein Javid used to say:
16-04-2021, 10:10
The issue of prisoners will be resolved in favor of the Republic of Armenia. RA Deputy Defense Minister Arman Sargsyan stated this in a conversation with journalists.

The Deputy Minister did not provide details.
16-04-2021, 09:44
"I am making an official offer to Robert Kocharyan and the others." Edmon Marukyan