16-04-2021, 07:42
When we go out on the street, not only do our compatriots look at me with hatred, "with hatred," but we all look at each other. Imkhail MP Mkhitar Hayrapetyan stated this in the parliament. "We have stopped trusting each other, everyone considers everyone an enemy. It is false when we say that the Turks are our enemy, it is a false agenda
16-04-2021, 07:37
Hostile Azerbaijan has stated that any statement by Nikol Pashinyan does not deserve a meaningful comment. This is how the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry responded to Nikol Pashinyan's April 14 speech in the National Assembly.

Nikol Pashinyan from Azerbaijan was accused of not drawing conclusions from the heavy war and was answered with a poem, reminding him of his poem.
16-04-2021, 07:08
Today, on April 16, a car accident took place in Kotayk region.
At around 08:30, 35-year-old Luzia Hovhannisyan, a resident of Kotayk region, drove her Nissan Tiida on the 2nd km of the Yerjan-Ashtarak highway, collided with stones and turned sideways into a pit.
16-04-2021, 06:57
Watch it!
"Nikol has taken it and Ali says the Artsakh issue is solved." Anna Mkrtchyan
What did you do with the blood of the boys who died in the suburbs of Shushi? Did you digest or are you in the process ...
Hey, how many heads do you have to talk to the parent of a dead, missing and border guard in that tone?
Do not apologize for today and the previous three years. Sorry, because you trampled Shushi in the streets of 18. Sorry, because you killed Artsakh in the coffin of 18
We have neither a mayor nor a city government in Artik. Mher Melkonyan
According to a Mediaport source, Alen Simonyan called several other cinemas of "Dalma", "Megamol", urging not to show director Mher Mkrtchyan's film "Power".

Meanwhile, after receiving a sharp refusal, he started threatening that he would have to report about it to Nikol Pashinyan, give some "friendly advice" to the chairman of the State Revenue Committee, in response to which he received a "report to whomever you want."
16-04-2021, 06:46
"Time". Why did Pashinyan announce election day on June 20?
According to Zhamanak, Nikol Pashinyan has set June 20 as the day for early parliamentary elections, with the expectation that he will not run for prime minister on May 9. May 9 is traditionally celebrated as the triple holiday of May Victories. Now that much of Shushi և Artsakh is under Azerbaijani occupation, there can be no question of a holiday or a celebration of that day. Realizing this, Pashinyan did his best not to be the Prime Minister that day to avoid an awkward situation.
16-04-2021, 06:38
"Nikol Pashinyan yesterday in separate episodes in the parliament voiced accusations against this or that military man, former officials, through whose fault, for example, they failed the operation to bring back" Lele Tepe ".

Remind ․ There have been public accusations that Nikol Pashinyan instructed to return at all costs the "Lele Tepe" hill captured by the enemy during the April 2016 war to show that Serzh Sargsyan gave it, but he took it back, but the operation failed, we gave 800 as much as a victim. Pashinyan blamed the generals for the operation, he also hinted at Arthur Ohanyan, the son of former Minister of Defense, Colonel-General Seyran Ohanyan.
16-04-2021, 06:15
Lukashenko said that Pashinyan did not refuse ...
President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, who was in Baku on a two-day visit, made a very remarkable, sensational statement. In particular, he reiterated that once upon a time, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev offered money to the former Armenian authorities for the surrender of Karabakh, which was rejected.

Of course, Lukashenko put it another way, saying that Aliyev was ready to pay for the restoration of Karabakh, and was ready to help not only Karabakh but also Armenia to stand up.
16-04-2021, 05:59
"Square". The "bright" future of Artsakh will be with the Turks
"Hraparak" newspaper writes. "Nikol Pashinyan and his team promise a" bright future for Armenia and Artsakh. " They do not detail with whom, Turks, Azeris or only us.

However, everything suggests that the future of Armenia and Artsakh will be with the Turks and at the expense of the Turks, because looking at the negative balance of emigration, we understand that until that future is built, there will be no Armenians left in Armenia, the Nicolaitans and zombies persons.
16-04-2021, 05:40
"The newly elected member of the BDK Gagik Jhangiryan achieved his goal. Yesterday, with the signature of BDK member Gagik Jhangiryan, the powers of BDK chairman Ruben Vardazaryan were suspended, այս Gagik Jhangiryan will henceforth fulfill the duties of BDK chairman. This change was not accidental, as the RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan had instructed to reach the resignation of the BDK leader Ruben Vardazaryan with threats of criminal cases.

It should be reminded that he also invited Vardazaryan's wife to the SIS in a criminal case, which was initiated based on the study of his declaration. Besides, two criminal cases have been initiated in connection with Ruben Vardazaryan. And it turns out that the authorities were not satisfied with the campaign against him in the parliament, they resorted to another method of punishment. The campaign against Ruben Vardazaryan had started a long time ago. "Zhoghovurd" daily wrote in its June 10, 2020 issue that the authorities demanded that the chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council, Ruben Vardazaryan, resign from the system.
16-04-2021, 05:35
"Square" ․ Through whose cunning step, Pashinyan ...
"Yesterday Nikol Pashinyan once again insulted everyone and especially the former from the NA tribune, but he did not even face the journalists. And for that the NA number one "backpack", the author of the famous statement about the backpack Vahagn Aleksanyan even took a cunning step ․ Less than five minutes after the break of the sitting, when Pashinyan had to return, Aleksanyan appeared in front of the journalists gathered at the doors of the NA hall, and announced with a mysterious expression on his face that he had something to say.

The journalists left the door to hear what kind of announcement the newly-elected deputy would make, ան at that very moment Pashinyan walked out of the hall with his procession. "By the way, Alexanyan has only taken the mandate for a few days, but he aspires to become Zhirinovsky of the native parliament, grumbling at the right time and appearing in the center of journalistic attention," the newspaper writes.