» Where is the missing plane? Tigran Avinyan made scandalous revelations (video)

Where is the missing plane? Tigran Avinyan made scandalous revelations (video)

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During the NA-Government question-answer session in the National Assembly, Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan spoke about the "lost" plane a few days ago. Avinyan gave the names of those responsible. Tigran Avinyan said that in order to carry out the necessary work related to the plane, Fly Armenia Airways has officially applied to the Committee to obtain a permit for one empty flight from Tallinn, Estonia to Gostomel Airport in Ukraine, bearing full responsibility for the flight, which does not contradict international aviation. to demand. "However, the mentioned plane, violating the permission of the flight destination previously provided by the committee, flew not according to the previously given permission, but to Varna airport, then headed to Sharjah, but landed in Iran under unknown circumstances." "At the airport," said Tigran Avinyan. It should be reminded that the Civil Aviation Committee stated in its statement that there were no passengers on the mentioned plane, and the pilots were foreign citizens. "The flight was of a technical nature, the information about the landing is under investigation. An unauthorized runway և unauthorized landing is being investigated by the Committee. In the interests of the investigation, the Committee will be informed of the final results upon completion of the investigation. " Today, on February 23, the Civil Aviation Committee announced ․ "In connection with the news circulating in the press since February 22, 2021, according to which the Boeing 737 aircraft was hijacked, the Civil Aviation Committee informs that the Committee has not received officially confirmed information about the hijacking from the relevant bodies. At the same time, it should be noted that the Committee is aware of the location of the aircraft and is currently working closely with the aviation authorities of the countries concerned. "After the investigation, the Committee will provide additional information," the statement said. Details in the video.