» Russia's misappropriates and sells aid for war

Russia's misappropriates and sells aid for war

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The aid from Russia for the war was appropriated and sold by Hayk Sargsyan, a well-known MP nicknamed "Bottle holder". The "Deja Vu" telegram channel wrote about this.

"Thus, it is known that during the war our compatriots from the Russian Federation sent a large amount of aid to Armenia to provide assistance to the army and those displaced from Artsakh. Back in those days, there was information that a large amount of that aid had been misappropriated by the local authorities at some point. Already in the first days of the war, when it became clear that the Diaspora compatriots wanted to send a large number of different goods, Hayk Sargsyan, MP's most discredited but trustworthy "Bottle Holder", thought of a criminal scheme with some friends to make it easy to misappropriate the aid. . The scheme is drawn as follows ․ Aram Tananyan, who was appointed customs attaché of the RA Embassy in Russia and is considered Hayk Sargsyan's "man" in the embassy, ​​begins to convince Russian-Armenians that it would be right to send that aid not to the RA government's social security department or to their friends, but to Hayk Sargsyan. All this is explained by the fact that if it is named after the "bottle catcher", it will be easier to cross the border, especially the Georgian border, as if the Georgians are creating problems for the Armenian cargo at the request of the Azerbaijanis, and the cargo will arrive in Armenia in time. We even have at our disposal the CMR of one of those cargoes / International freight transport transport /, where Hayk Sargsyan's name appears and with which a certain amount of food was sent from the Russian city of Khimki on October 15, 2020, where the prices of other goods are reduced. , at formal prices, but whose real value is several times higher.