» The subtle art of committing suicide

The subtle art of committing suicide

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"You have not forgotten, have you, that the Turkish" Gray Wolves "will build a school in Shushi ․․․ and he is still the Prime Minister "․ Naira Karapetyan
This is what he calls the Armenian dog fighting against the one who handed over Artsakh. Naira Zohrabyan
In fact, Nicole's fakes have a natural monopoly
I handed over the lists of prisoners of war and captive civilians to my Russian colleagues. Naira Zohrabyan
They take pieces from Syunik, those concessions are made during the day, in front of all of us, and we are still talking about this and white. Ara Zohrabyan
Khalil Jubran, who is a philosopher and painter, for some reason was convinced that a person commits suicide out of self-preservation instinct.

Today I was watching how Nicole was walking slowly towards the government building chanting "murderer", "executioner", "Turk". It was a horrible sight.

Because, unlike his teammates who are always in cognitive dissonance, he understands very well that no memory machine will ever erase the stigma of the interrupted life of the one who handed over Artsakh, the one who handed over Shushi, thousands of boys