» Andranik Kocharyan is going to take power from Nikol Pashinyan

Andranik Kocharyan is going to take power from Nikol Pashinyan

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"Andranik Kocharyan has been known to the Armenian society and the political field since the 90s. He is one of the so-called "old intriguers" of the current Armenian political field, who is known for many scandalous stories and sensational statements.
For example, legends are told about him in Gyumri. As for October 27, Andranik Kocharyan remained in history as one of the circulators of the anti-Russian thesis ․ The point is that Kocharyan blamed Russia on October 27, advancing the version put forward by Litvinenko. When Pashinyan came to power, a "second breath" was opened for Andranik Kocharyan. But the 44-day Artsakh war was "muraz" for Andranik Kocharyan.
The point is that he was able to strengthen his position by using the chaotic situation of war and now he continues to create his own "gang" within the government, perhaps having much bigger ambitions than can be imagined.

After the war, he was able to appoint his old friend, Vagharshak Harutyunyan, to the post of Defense Minister. Vagharshak Harutyunyan appointed his brother Arthur Harutyunyan as his assistant. Andranik Kocharyan was able to appoint his other old friend, Gagik Jhangiryan, a member of the BDK, thus having his man in the justice system. He was able to appoint another old friend, Ashot Zakaryan, to the post of Chief of the Military Police. In fact, Andranik Kocharyan is trying to strengthen and take root in the power system. And if we take into account that a Ministry of Internal Affairs will be established in Armenia in the near future, the leadership of which, according to the available information, will be handed over to one of Andranik Kocharyan's "people", then we can state that Kocharyan is actually gathering a "gang".

Our sources within the government report that he was able to attract many deputies to his side in the NA "My Step" team, to create a certain group of supporters. And now he has become quite active, creating the impression that at this rather difficult stage for the authorities he is next to Nikol Pashinyan. However, those who have known him since the 90s say that in reality Andranik Kocharyan is not next to Nikol Pashinyan, but plays his own game, a game that is very ambitious and in the end even he can apply to take power from Pashinyan.

Of course, for many readers this may seem like a ghost, but in reality Andranik Kocharyan has always been in power. For example, during the assassination of Vazgen Sargsyan on October 27, he and his friends presented a list to the President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan on the very day of his assassination, in which President Kocharyan had to appoint people in exchange for their support for Robert Kocharyan. So, if one day Andranik Kocharyan tries to take power from Nikol Pashinyan, it will be the second attempt to take power.

By the way, some of those lists, such as Vagharshak Harutyunyan, Gagik Jhangiryan and Andranik Kocharyan, already hold high positions and Nikol Pashinyan should be careful that the "old intrigue" does not try to "cross the same river for the second time."