» Nikol Pashinyan plundered $ 8 billion from defeat and gave it to his friendly Azerbaijani people. Mikael Minasyan

Nikol Pashinyan plundered $ 8 billion from defeat and gave it to his friendly Azerbaijani people. Mikael Minasyan

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Nikol Pashinyan is now supported by the hopeless, they must be saved from Nikol Pashinyan. He tries to tell people who have no hope of living well, to say nothing, you accept that we live badly, but I will make others live badly. Former RA Ambassador to the Holy See Mikayel Minasyan stated this in a video titled "Requiem 6. Money" published on his Facebook page.

"Do you know who is the greatest robber of all time in the Republic of Armenia?" My specific answer is Nikol Vova Pashinyan, with one example - Sotk mine. The Sotk mine, according to the estimates of the last two years, has, already had, 144 tons of gold. In order for you to understand how much gold is worth, then look at what a gram of gold costs. You get a stellar figure of $ 8 billion. Nikol Pashinyan plundered $ 8 billion from defeat, took it from the Armenian people and gave it to his friend the people of Azerbaijan. I want to say one thing about Sotk so that you can imagine what happens when ignorance and meanness meet. Nikol Pashinyan's government either does not know or deliberately does not want to know that during Soviet Armenia there was a letter to the central authorities, կա there is a correspondence based on which it is alleged that the Sotk mine, which fell in the territory of Azerbaijan, was leased. Soviet Armenia, because the Sotk reserves of Soviet Armenia were depleted; that was the natural expansion of the Sotk mine. These documents are kept in the RA State Archive. It was enough to take it, to make a negotiation package with that document, because in the center of the negotiation package was the relations between Soviet Armenia and Soviet Azerbaijan, the borders, and so on. "That document is also part of the package of Soviet Armenia and Soviet Azerbaijan. Didn't you know or did you not want to know?" Said Mikayel Minasyan.

According to the former ambassador, the man who stole $ 8 billion from Armenia says, "People, ignore that, I will seize the Monument houses and it will be fine." Mikael Minasyan noted that the total value of those houses is $ 100 million. "He stole $ 8 billion, he promises to give $ 100 million one day, and it is not clear to whom."

Referring to the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund, Mikael Minasyan said that he would tell a story called how Nicole and Anna destroyed the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund.

He noted that Armenians historically transferred the most money to the fund during the war. "And what did Nikol Pashinyan do? he took and spent the money sent for charity. Nikol Pashinyan instructs his cousin, former adviser Haykak Arshamyan, to transfer a budget of 52 billion 700 million drams so that he can spend it calmly. Haykak does this with nine decisions - none of them were sent to Council members Robert Kocharyan, Arkady Ghukasyan, because they would ask, where does that money go? Seven of the nine decisions are lost and disappear. From the residence of the President of the Republic of Armenia, where Haykak's office and the staff of the foundation are, the original seven out of nine decisions disappear from there. I do not know where, we will know when a criminal case is initiated in a normal country. The police secretly come to 26 Baghramyan Street to find out where the money is. Armen Sargsyan writes a secret letter to Haykak, saying that there are problems, and Haykak, realizing that no one will forgive him for spending 52 billion, writes a letter to the Minister of Finance to tell him where he spent that money. The Minister replies that the money was spent according to the budget items. Haykak writes a letter to Nikol Pashinyan, Nikol does not answer because he cannot answer that we have wasted that money. "