» The army came to Haghghd with a very strong statement. What is happening on the border of Artsakh?

The army came to Haghghd with a very strong statement. What is happening on the border of Artsakh?

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On December 29, footage was spread on the Azerbaijani Internet, which, according to the Azerbaijani side, shows the bodies of 6 Armenian servicemen killed near the village of Hakaku in the occupied Hadrut region of Artsakh. The Defense Army of the Artsakh Republic reaffirms its earlier statement that neither on December 27, nor in the days preceding, nor in the following days, any unit of the Defense Army was involved in any military operation. They did not fire a single shot. The ceasefire regime has been maintained along the entire length of the line of contact. Moreover, it is obvious that in the case of the presented "battles" Azerbaijan is talking about a village in the depths of the territories controlled by them, far enough from the front line, where the Defense Army soldiers had to cross the front line and fight in the rear of the enemy. The presence of their units of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, as well as the factor of the Russian peacekeeping mission, is simply not possible. No less important is the "coincidence" that yesterday Azerbaijan violated the agreement reached in advance, did not allow search groups to enter the areas where, according to them, the "battles" took place. And this is in the case when the agreement on the work of the search groups in those areas was reached on December 27, that is, according to the Azerbaijani side, on the very day when "battles took place." The combination of the mentioned facts makes it presumable that the actions and statements of the Azerbaijani side are aimed at concealing another war crime, and that is the purpose of refusing to allow the search groups to enter the mentioned territories. Active work is underway to find out the identities of the people depicted in the footage. The Defense Army does not rule out that we are dealing with the brutal murder of Azerbaijani captives earlier. We strongly condemn this policy of the Azerbaijani side, which contradicts the logic of the November 9 trilateral statement. The Artsakh Republic will be consistent in revealing the war crimes committed by Azerbaijan.