» Vazgen Manukyan issued a statement

Vazgen Manukyan issued a statement

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Vazgen Manukyan, the candidate for the post of Prime Minister of the Homeland Salvation Movement, issued a statement. «

"This is not a narrow party movement. This is not only a movement for a change of government. This is first and foremost a movement of dignity. A movement to clear the stigma of defeat from us, to straighten our backs, to shape the future.
There is no need for an additional explanation as to why this regime should leave with its paramilitary leader, as nothing else can happen after the disgraceful capitulation.

We will form a new government of national accord with the support of the people, we will work on solving urgent issues, we will prepare new elections.

I emphasize the stabilizing role of the current National Assembly in the current political crisis. We do not want shocks. We need public solidarity. The atmosphere of hatred and poison must remain in the past.

I call on the law enforcement bodies to maintain public order, not to become a political tool in the hands of the defeated government.