» We were waiting for his return and engagement, and his last note was "I will die for you." Uncle Hayk Sahakyan, who died

We were waiting for his return and engagement, and his last note was "I will die for you." Uncle Hayk Sahakyan, who died

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Hayk is a hero who fought to the death in Hadrut, wounding the enemy many times. Save a friend's life with your own life. Armen Hovhannisyan, the uncle of Hayk Sahakyan, a soldier killed during the battles against the enemy, wrote about this on his Facebook page.

"The longing grows more and more every day, no matter how much I try to distract myself, make notes, speak with a smile, it's the same, my heart and soul are silent, the same with every opening day, my eye is on the door. Hope dies in the end, even if you buried your hero, when you saw it with your own eyes. Hope dies in the end, expectation never.

Hayk, I will always be waiting for you, my son! We all miss your crazy and honest nature. Over the course of 19 years, Hayk has changed so much in the lives of us and our friends that he has nothing to say.

It was hard to find such a caring person. When something happened to friends, acquaintances and even strangers, he always rushed to help. He did not forget to seek medical help from his mother. He said, "Mom, don't be tired, help me." Hayk was a joker ... very joking. He smiled even at the saddest news.

Hayk never liked school lessons, he always complained, but with what zeal he read the books that interested him. He learned to communicate in Russian and Armenian on his own, he learned mathematics and physics. He entered the university on his own. Most of all, he wanted to become an engineer. We said, Hayk, go to university, you will go to a new army. He refused, because I owe it to him. He performed heroically. The last post before going to the army was: I will die for you.

We were all waiting for his return: engagement. Hayk was an eternal lover and loved only one person since he was a child. Hayk had an agreement with his brother. If I have a son, I will name him Gorg, and you will name your son Hayk. George will soon have a son.

Hayk was a hardworking and mature man. He wanted to buy a present for his beloved so as not to disturb anyone, so he went and worked as a secret porter.

Hayk, you left and a part of my heart was emptied forever. My sister says let my son be the last victim and we will win this war. We have won, we have definitely won. Eternal glory and honor to our soldiers. There is no breaking, we must live in peace, "Hayk Sahakyan's uncle wrote.