» Pashinyan fires his bodyguard, the famous "backpacker"

Pashinyan fires his bodyguard, the famous "backpacker"

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"We wrote a week ago that Nikol Pashinyan unexpectedly fired a large group of his wife's bodyguards and drivers. According to our information, among those released was the Prime Minister's bodyguard, Lieutenant Ghazar Ghazaryan, the well-known "backpacker".

It should be reminded that during the April marches, and even after that, he wore the Prime Minister's backpack, about which legends were circulating. During his recent visits to Gegharkunik region, Ghazar was no longer with Pashinyan, he used to be behind Pashinyan in all the shots. We tried to find out the information from the Prime Minister's spokesperson Mane Gevorgyan. "Call the relevant responsible body with such questions, it is the PPP, call them, I am not aware, I do not deal with such questions," he answered.