» Is Joni Brjoni directed by SNCO Hovo? PastInf օ (VIDEO)

Is Joni Brjoni directed by SNCO Hovo? PastInf օ (VIDEO)

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"Pastinfo" writes. "Johnny Brjon on the Internet agenda. Tigran Vardanyan claims to be diverting the public from the agenda issues, under the heading "SNCO" writes in the publication:

For several days now, the live Facebook broadcasts of Johnny Bridgey's user have been widely spread on the Internet, where the latter is trying to joke, sing and occupy the public. It is noteworthy that a photo was spread on the Internet of RA Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan following the young man's live broadcast. The somewhat bizarre behavior of the mysterious young man has caused confusion and divided the Facebook community into two parts, some claiming that the young man has obvious health problems, while others assure that the young man is more than healthy and there are "dark traces" in his behavior.