» Pashinyan calls for the blocking of Facebook users who swear at him

Pashinyan calls for the blocking of Facebook users who swear at him

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I will divide the issue of false news into two parts: some that threaten Armenia's national security, and others, for example, personal insults. The Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said this today, answering the user's question when the heads of the yellow press will finally be punished, who remain unpunished by spreading false news, when you, you and your family will severely punish the authors of the Facebook profiles flooded with caricatures.

"Do you remember that earlier this year, when false news was spread by the Islamic Republic of Iran against the backdrop of the events surrounding the Islamic Republic of Iran, which was widely used by Azerbaijan and widely used to spread anti-Armenian propaganda in Iran, a criminal case was filed and the perpetrator was arrested? He is still in custody. Now a fake letter is circulating and the law enforcement has not yet found the author or found him out of the RA border, as if I wrote a letter to the NATO Secretary General, as if Armenia is leaving the CSTO, I do not know the details, which is still It became very widespread, in this case the law enforcement agencies have to deal with it. As for caricatures, caricature is one of the most important components of democracy. Of course, it is unpleasant that they are cursing me or my family members, but if we start treating those curses in such a way that it is a pity, it will be a violation of democracy, "said the Prime Minister.

Referring to the insults voiced by users, Pashinyan said. "You can do it yourself. I am very grateful for your attitude. As long as the citizens of Armenia do not share that content and, on the contrary, are dissatisfied with it, it means that there is trust between the government and the citizens." As a user, you can take certain measures yourself, for example, you can block pages that spread false news for you, and you can simply opt out of the media that you think are spreading false news to you. You can punish such a user yourself, I don't see what I have to do there, of course, if there are no issues threatening national security. Well, they curse, let them curse as much as they want, it doesn't matter what percentage is in favor of it. "