» Edmon Marukyan has been pissed off by Minasyan. Alain Simonyan

Edmon Marukyan has been pissed off by Minasyan. Alain Simonyan

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Edmon Marukyan's statement that they will not participate in the campaign because they say "No" to the government is absurd. Speaking to reporters today, NA Vice Speaker Alen Simonyan said. According to him, the LPA is responsible for its constituents and should guide them.

"If they say that the referendum is unconstitutional, they are against" Yes "and you do not take any action, it turns out that they do not know what they are doing, they have not decided," Simonyan said.

Observing that this is the same scenario that Nikol Pashinyan came up with in 2015 when he said that holding the elections was a false agenda, Simonyan responded that there was an explanation under it.

“There is no explanation in this case. Marukyan understands that the Armenian people will probably come and vote "Yes", but at the same time he cannot avoid the past, when he made sharp statements that it is possible that the headquarters of the "No" headquarters or the president will not sign the decision to hold the referendum, "the NA Vice Speaker said, adding that this statement was just a word from the head of a political force that is justified and offensive, which is not determined.

"We used to say it was a false agenda, we didn't go into it, he said, 'Let's not force it. these are completely different things, ”Simonyan noted.

"If we begin to identify political appraisals and hatred, then I can find a word of hatred in any interview with Edmon Marukyan, starting with this latest interview. his manner of speech, sarcasm, ridicule, ”the NA Vice Speaker noted, referring to Marukyan's observation that RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan had recently announced from the podium that those who argue would be anti-government forces, and the opposites - devotees, and this is a manifestation of hatred.