23-04-2021, 19:25
As long as the issue is not resolved in the legislative sphere, I want to say that all the scum who have turned the ugly public insults against the head of the country and his millions of supporters into language are deserving of ten times those insults. Former Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister Eduard Aghajanyan wrote about this on his Facebook page.

"It is a fact that swearing has a special offensive nature in the Armenian reality. It is also a fact that the legislation does not regulate the risks and consequences arising from it. There are many objective and subjective issues here, which are also related to international law.

Accordingly, as long as the issue is not resolved in the legislative sphere, I want to say that all the rubbish that has turned the tongue swearing at the head of the country and his millions of supporters into ugly public swear words, I personally deserve ten times those swear words. I will answer each of you one by one. And you, in your filthy life, are never responsible for what you say.
23-04-2021, 19:03
Political scientist Suren Sargsyan wrote.

"As I expected, Biden and Erdogan had online communication today. "Biden has stated that he intends to recognize the Armenian Genocide."
23-04-2021, 18:41
Vahagn, who serves Nikol, has an unknown profession, but considers himself a strict legal expert.
Vahagn thus revealed that he was a masochist. The worse they are treated, the more pleasure they get ...
In order for Vahagn to announce that Nikol was greeted wonderfully and uniquely by the people of Syunik, the people of Syunik are offered to spit, urinate, urinate and wait for Vahagn's "backpack" satisfied comments ...

Posted by Gagik Hambaryan
23-04-2021, 18:27
The American media is increasingly inclined to call US President Joseph Biden the events of 1915 a genocide in his traditional message on April 24.

At the same time, the precedent of using the term "genocide" by the US President when assessing the tragedy of the Armenian people was established in 1982. More about that in the article of Sputnik Armenia columnist.

First of all, it should be noted that in the majority of countries that have recognized the fact of genocide, the events of 1915 were assessed by the legislature, not by the heads of state. If so, we could have listed the United States two years ago. After all, in October 2019, the US House of Representatives, and then, in December of the same year, the Senate of the Congress passed resolutions that characterize the crime of the Young Turks as genocide.
23-04-2021, 17:49
Fly Armenia Airways Boeing 737-300 landed in Yerevan.

It should be reminded that "Fly Armenia Airways" has issued an official statement on the real reasons and facts of the disappearance of the plane with Armenian registration.
23-04-2021, 17:45
"Representatives of the older generation say that there were problems with them during the communist era, it is already written in our genetic code, they are our enemies, they took the lives of millions of Armenians, how can we have relations with them?" Arush Arushanyan, referring to the relations with Azerbaijan.

The mayor of Goris mentioned that he does not rule out that the community leaders are being arrested now in connection with Syunik's self-defense. According to him, this has a special purpose.

Arushanyan also spoke about the last meeting with Pashinyan, which, according to him, took place during the war.

"At the meeting, when they said we should pass to Syunik self-defense, the prime minister said, 'The war is 140 kilometers away, what is Syunik self-defense?' We kept what was possible with blood. "I have no desire to talk to the person who handed over the territory with a signature, nor do I want to have contact," he said.

Let us remind you that the court is examining the legality of the arrest of Meghri Mayor Mkhitar Zakaryan. The complaint against the legality of arresting Zakaryan was signed by Judge of the Court of General Jurisdiction of Yerevan Manvel Shahverdyan.
23-04-2021, 17:23
We are informed from Narek Malyan's page.

Zvartnots Airport, Yerevan-Doha-US flight class registration.
He left us, he could not stand the confrontation.
# emigration
23-04-2021, 17:02
At the ArmDaily.am pavilion, the head of the Adequate Congregation, Arthur Danielyan, said that a year ago, on this day, Serzh Sargsyan's famous phrase, "I was wrong, Nikol was right," said why Sargsyan was wrong, Nikol, we will know when the original of Serzh Sargsyan's resignation is published. As for what other details are known from the content of the original, the head of the "Adequate" Congregation refused to give details.

Speaking about his connection with Mikael Minasyan, he mentioned that that connection has been established since 2019.

Touching upon the events unfolding in and around Syunik, Danielyan noted that all this is a consequence of the clashes between the geopolitical centers. The latter used the priority of having a corridor through Armenia within the framework of Iran-China interests.
He described the relations with Iran as follows: "Iran has not brought luck in our issue."
23-04-2021, 16:45
"Let him come and prove that Hrachuhi is not ․ he will come out of there on his knees "․ Vahe Hakobyan
23-04-2021, 16:24
Nikol Pashinyan organized a concert and a reception at the Complex on the anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. Mediaport telegram channel writes about this.

According to the source, on April 24, the day of the 106th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, an invitation to a concert is sent to the officials on behalf of Nikol Pashinyan. It turns out that the concert dedicated to the memory of the Genocide victims will be followed by a reception, which is mentioned in the invitation. In the invitation, Nikol Pashinyan introduces himself as "His Excellency" (NG).