18-04-2021, 16:53
The nurse took the bucket և took the child out as a stillborn ․ The miraculously saved newborn was Karen Demirchyan
18-04-2021, 16:38
Although the coronavirus situation in Armenia is not calming down, both schools and higher education institutions are functioning. In kindergartens, however, there is no general reception, there are already queues.

YEREVAN, April 18 - Sputnik. At the moment, more than 10,000 children are waiting to attend kindergarten in Yerevan. Although the coronavirus restrictions were eased in February, some parents were lucky enough to be admitted again, but the number of people waiting in line did not decrease significantly. Sputnik Armenia spoke with parents whose children have been waiting for their turn to go to kindergarten for some time. We talked about the topic with the person in charge of the Yerevan Municipality, a specialist in the field.

The parents are in a desperate situation
Armine Kirakosyan, who is a single mother, told Sputnik Armenia that she has been enrolling the child for a year, but there is no hope that they can accept her this year.
18-04-2021, 16:32
"Kapan, where I am already for the second day, is one of the cities underestimated by Armenian tourists. If Kapan was in Europe, it would have become a tourist center long ago. Unfortunately, Kapan is not only located in Europe, but I would say it is located on the front line… I asked the locals if everything is calm in Kapan, taking into account the recent Karabakh war և the new border. They say yes, thank God it is quiet. Azeris regularly visit the city, but come with Russian peacekeepers to go shopping, of course, they can not walk where they want… The new border, which actually passes through the city, is protected? Opinions differed here. Some say that no one is guarding the border, in fact, the Azerbaijani subversive intelligence group can easily penetrate the city, no one will stop them. Others are convinced that Russian peacekeepers are in control of the border, they are not interested in a new conflict. Personally, it is difficult for me to tell where the truth is. Visually, several peacekeeping points are located near the airport, which is located right on the border, about a hundred meters from Azerbaijan. There are flags along Route 17 to the south, but it seemed to me that there were just flags, not military positions. Now this route has become a border ... "
18-04-2021, 15:37
Arsen Babayan wrote on his Facebook page.

"By the way, one of the high-ranking officers of the State Protection Service (SSS) recently told me that the offer to bring children to the front row during its regional campaigns came from the SSS leadership.
It was justified for security reasons, claiming that the possible killer would avoid doing his job in that case.

It is a Turkish-Azerbaijani manuscript, hidden behind women and children. They make children a living shield. ”
18-04-2021, 15:26
This is Nikol's Armenia. Armenia, where the medal of an 18-year-old child is taken by a taxi driver and handed over to his father in cellophane, and the governor solemnly awards it to his young hairdresser by posting a status and a photo series on Facebook. And no sense of shame, no sting of conscience.
This swarm of traitorous scum took people's children homeless, killed them and now they are not doing anything wrong, at least forgive the parent or say thank you.
This is the face of Nicole's government. What happened is not a big deal 4000 + - 50 victims .....
18-04-2021, 14:56
Aries (March 21 - April 20)

After months of self-abnegation, a person suddenly appears in your life who is able to light a fire from a piece of extinguished coal. You are so different that even doubts arise as to whether your romance can continue. But that is not the problem. The important thing is that you feel life again, you move forward.

Taurus (April 21 - May 20)

When new opportunities open up for you, never miss them. There may be an impression that you are not ready for global change, although you should be prepared. It is recommended to finish the unfinished work in a few days. Your path is chosen correctly, even though it seems difficult.

Gemini (May 21 - June 21)

After a few challenging months, you will finally be able to find time for yourself. You will have the opportunity to explore alternative ways to solve problems, and then you will immediately start working. That way, you will avoid mistakes.

Cancer (June 22 - July 22)

In the coming days you will have the opportunity to realize your dream. The problem is, you do not know whether that dream is so important or whether you can give the opportunity to someone else. You realize your advantage շահ you are happy for the attention, but at the same time you know that you agree to those terms out of a sense of duty.

Leo (July 23 - August 23)
18-04-2021, 14:20
The leader of the "Homeland" party Arthur Vanetsyan rejected the lawsuit filed against Nikol Pashinyan and his speaker Mane Gevorgyan. This was reported by NEWS.am, referring to the Judicial Information System.

The court, presided over by Judge Lilit Sargsyan, decided to terminate the case of Arthur Vanetsyan against Nikol Pashinyan and his speaker.

It should be noted that the plaintiff's representatives submitted a written application to the preliminary court session, according to which they stated: "In the light of the recent developments in Armenia, when Armenia suffered a disgraceful defeat as a result of Nikol Pashinyan's policy, and Nikol Pashinyan on November 9, 2020. He signed a capitulation document, which betrayed the Republic of Armenia and the entire Armenian people. It is morally impossible to demand honor from a person who has lost his own honor.

Proceeding from the above and being guided by Articles 32, 48 and 149 of the RA Civil Procedure Code, the plaintiff in this case, Arthur Vanetsyan, completely rejects his claims against Nikol Vova Pashinyan. ”
18-04-2021, 14:10
The US Embassy in Baku commented on the statements made by Ilham Ali during a meeting with international experts on April 13. As reported by turan.az.

During a meeting at the Baku Diplomatic Academy, the President of Azerbaijan stated that it was not clear to him what Washington's position was on the developments in the South Caucasus in recent months. Ali also stated that the new US administration upsets the balance between Baku "Yerjan".

"The United States, as Co-Chair of the OSCE Minsk Group, will continue to work with the parties to promote a lasting political settlement and reconciliation in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict," the US Embassy in Azerbaijan said in a statement.

"Washington continues to build partnership with Azerbaijan in this vital region," US diplomats said.
18-04-2021, 14:02
According to shamshyan.com, today, on April 18, a chain car accident took place in Yerevan. At around 15:30, a Lexus I T 250 with license plate number 62 PP 622 collided with a Nissan Tiida և Toyota Ipsum on Mashtots Avenue in front of the Nairi Cinema.

As photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan reported from the scene, the on-duty team of Yerevan 1-03 ambulance doctors, who arrived at the scene with bodily injuries due to bodily injuries, first rendered first aid on the spot, then took him to University Hospital No. 1. After the collision, Toyota went forward, colliding with a Toyota Corolla և KIA parked on the permitted section of the road.

The officers of the 3rd platoon of the 1st officer battalion of the traffic police headed by the platoon commander Vruyr Gabrielyan arrived at the scene. Garik Hakobyan, the duty officer in charge of the Operative Management Center of the Yerevan Traffic Police, passed the information about the accident to the Traffic Police Traffic Accident Investigation Department, from where the on-duty team headed by the head of the department Grigor Avetisyan and senior investigator Hrayr Stepanyan arrived. The police find out the identities of the drivers and the injured.

Գ. According to Shamshyan, the Toyota parked in the allowed part of the road belongs to the legendary football player of Ararat 73 legendary football team Samvel Ghasaboghlyan
18-04-2021, 13:41
The traitor trapped in the chair of the Prime Minister of Armenia և the team that serves it likes to talk about the robbery of the former, the falsification, the unlimited այլ other vicious events և crimes committed by the former…

As far as I understand, the capitulation Nicole, who has already started a campaign ahead of the snap parliamentary elections, will again choose to manipulate the topic of the "former" in terms of brainwashing people, playing on emotions.

All this would not have seemed strange if it were not for the many facts that there are now a much larger army among those who now serve him, who are part of the government, including those who have shown their worst side in the past, about whom Nicole the traitor չի It turns out that if the former odious person now serves him, then his "former" robber, election fraudster, bespredel ,chik, thief, robber, murderer շատ is doing business և Let me bring a few exampl